Looking for a vibrating wristband alarm? Any other solutions out there?

It's been a few days since I've been trying to make my morning alarm to not suck as much but I can't find a solution.

Basically, I am looking for wristband / bracelet / wearable type of a device, that will wake me up silently without bothering my wife in the morning. Quick search on Amazon, eBay and Google didn't really yield any interesting results. Just some relatively cheap Chinese devices that seem to lack in both functionality and design.

The closest I've got so far is device called zband but the company seems sketchy and the reviews aren't really good. There is another one called Lark, but that has poor reviews as well. Than there is vybe but that had been delayed for months and it doesn't seem to work as an alarm, just for text and calls. Even fitbit which cost +$100 and it does a ton of other stuff can't be used as an alarm? Wouldn't even bother with the latest from Samsung and LG..

Ideally, this would be a device that does one thing and one thing only, but it does it well. No display and fancy screens, just a button to turn it on/off. Also, in the ideal world, I would be able set various alarms from a smartphone app and it comes decent design and battery life. While there are a few options there, there is nothing that comes even close.

Has anyone else needed something like that? Have you found something that works? I can't believe no one came up with a similar device yet or maybe I just can't find it yet? I feel like there is money to be made here! Any suggestions are much appreciated!