Best feature of iPhone 6. (Hint: not a larger screen)

About 1 year ago, Phil Schiller said this:

The reason that people(android manufacturers) are making their devices bigger is to get up to the battery life the iPhone 5 offers.

Now, according to leaks and rumours, the upcoming iPhone is expected to be significantly larger(around the size of current android flagships). I hope Apple will put a much larger battery inside the larger iPhone.

Just look at the current phablets. They have insanely good battery life. I am hoping that both 4,7" and 5.5" models have better battery life, but I suspect that 5.5" model will have great battery life.

Android manufacturers always had the upper hand in putting larger batteries in their phones. Now lets see, what apple does with its next generation iPhones.

I personally don't care about an iPhone with a larger screen unless it comes with better battery life.

What do you think?