How to Make Windows Phone (Even More)Killer

Now that WP 8.1's brought some much needed improvements. Surely there are ways to improve windows phone to such an extreme even developers who don't use WP would be compelled to use it.

Easiest way is to, update the default apps in the GDRs and add the ability to theme them.

For the default apps like Messaging, People etc. Allow us to change their themes or at least place a picture


Add more functionality like stopwatch, timers. Allow us to choose the default snooze times. Allow us to control the alarm volume (Maybe a toggle with choose alarm volume or use universal volume)


Ape Calculator[SUP]2[/SUP] here. Add all the niche Calculators that one could ever need


Show more than one item on live tile, Support for multiple live tiles. Return agenda view


Merge with Nokia Camera or at least absorb all the functionality from the Nokia Camera apps

Games, Music and Video. Reintegrate all three into the core OS ASAP at GDR1 if POSSIBLE. Make sure the lockscreen music controls work consistently, provide support for offline video playback in Videos. I mean seriously...

News- Provide support for comments in articles that support them, articles which are pulled off the web because you are interested in a topic should open in the app and not IE



Health and Fitness-Integrate with Runtastic or Endomondo AND HEALTHVAULT


Internet Explorer-Make it the BEST. Use webkit if they really have to.

Skype- Bake it into Windows Phone. Each WP device should come with its own Skype number and free VoIP and video calls


Podcasts absorb all functionality from podcatchers in the store, increase number of available podcasts that can be found...

Anything I left blank, I couldn't quite think of something for it....