Are Sub-5" Flagship Phones Gone?

I'm in the market for a new phone. I've actually been in the market for a few months now. Before it launched I was sure I was going to get the HTC One (M8). Once I finally got it in my hands it was obvious right away the thing was too tall for me. I need my phone to comfortably fit in my pocket. The M8 failed my pocket test. It failed it quite badly actually.

The Galaxy phones have never been to appealing to me. The combination of Samsung's android skin and the build quality have always allowed me to walk past them without much thought, but after the M8 debacle I actually considered the S5, however that was even too big. So a few months ago I staked my hopes on the then rumored Moto X+1. Turns out the X+1 will be the biggest of the three.

Now what? Who's making a high end phone that's pocket friendly? If I had to make a decision today I think I would get last year's HTC One (M7). In a few months I will at least look at the Galaxy S5 Mini and the iPhone 6 solely because they fit the size requirement.

Ideally I would like something similar in size to the Motorola Droid Razr HD. It had a 4.7" screen that fit into a body that was right around 5 inches tall. Will we see flagship phones like this again? If not, why? There has to be other people like me who have a strong desire for pocket friendly, single-hand use phones, right?