What's with the Samsung hate ?

So it's pretty obvious to me, that nearly everyone in this Google forum is critical of Samsung. To a point I can understand. The design of Samsung's devices haven't really changed a lot really and their all made out of plastic rather than metal.

But honestly, what's so bad about plastic ? Personally I feel it's more durable than aluminium, which is praised on the iPhone 5s and HTC One. I'm even a 5s owner. I love my device, but I would never use it for a long period of time without a case. It's just too fragile.

Then we move onto software. Touchwiz is definitely a very thick skin on Android, I would never debate it. I think however that it actually sums Android down and makes it easy for the average consumer. I'm a Galaxy S4 owner as well as my 5s and I much prefer Touchwiz over a lot of Android skins. It does lag here and there sometimes, but honestly normal people don't particularly care, it's just people here who think that's the end of the world.

At the end of the day, I think that Samsung make solid consumer orientated devices. Whether they're best or not is down to the individual who owns it.

So why all the Samsung hate ? Are there actually genuine reasons for anyone to say Samsung's products are awful ? I don't think so.