This Is My Next: Topic announcements

Hey Verge readers and staff,

Wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of timeline of the topics that This Is My Next will be looking into in the short term (say, the couple next editions). I guess it takes you a while to test all the products and then do the video and write the article so maybe once you've decided which category you're going with, just post an article to The Verge so we can hold out for a while before making (sometimes) large investments.

Just to avoid us (very) regular readers to not be disappointed when we buy a product and This Is My Next features it a few days later.

Example: I'm currently looking for a Home-Theater System/Home Audio solution and would be kind of gutted if I bought something and two days later TIMN features the exact same product category and I discover a product I hadn't seen before that would've been better.

Of course, I do my research before buying a product, but I'm always interested in what The Verge thinks of products. I then may or may not follow your advice, but at least I'll go ahead with my purchase knowing I didn't miss any obvious possibilities.

I really like the TIMN series and hope you'll be looking into Home Audio soon !