Microsoft to come knocking, Is interoperability the "something major"?

I read about ecosystem lock-in article on ArsTechnica today.

So while Google and Apple are on the lock-in war, I'm thinking this is the chance for Microsoft to make their move with interoperability as opposed to locking-in, they're one of the ones big enough to do this. But then how?

The Nokia X Platform, it is still very much in development, it is very much Android OS, it runs any Android APK, you can even sideload Google Apps, very much like Windows of the old, download the EXEs.

So when you look at interoperability coupled with "something major" from Microsoft is said to be coming, and then I think:

WP8 and X Platform dual-booting device from Microsoft

any thoughts?

Disclaimer: this isn't based-on any leaks or whatever, just a wild guess to entertain the possibility.

A Little Update

After reading some of the comments, it seems some find dual-booting as an ugly solution, although I would think there could be a lot of ways to do this right and package it right, I really wanted to focus on interoperability by Microsoft, whether the X Platform is actually a long game for Microsoft, and that they have plans for it in the future.