Is "Space Grey" more durable than the "Slate" iPhone 5?

I've currently got an iPhone 5, and I'm planning to upgrade to the iPhone 6 at launch.

My single biggest gripe with the iPhone 5 has always been how badly it shows chips and scratches. The anodised aluminium "Slate" colour on the back and sides was such a poor design choice, as it could not withstand even gentle wear and tear expected of a portable product. I never kept my iPhone 3G or my iPhone 4 in a case - they both took a bit of a beating and handled it with grace (a few nicks and scuffs, but not glaringly obvious). Not so the iPhone 5.

I know Apple switched to "Space Grey" for the 5S (and equivalent generation iPads). Presumably a large part of the reasoning behind the switch was precisely to resolve this issue. My question for those of you with one of these devices is - how well does it cope with everyday rough-and-tumble? If any of you had an older "slate" device to compare against, does it survive better, and look newer for longer?

I've always favoured the "black" designs over the "white" (and cringe at the "gold" option!!!) but I'd be tempted to go "white" for the iPhone 6 unless you guys can reassure me that "Space Grey" will age gracefully(!)