Microsoft got lost in consumer space or waits for Treshold to "destroy" the competitors?

I have mixed feelings about that. Last months haven't been good for Microsoft (in consumer space).

  • no Surface Mini (delayed? abandoned?)
  • app situation is still poor
  • Lumia instead od Surface? reallly?!
  • "Nokia by Microsoft" oh god...
  • "Android Lumia"
  • Apple and Google car solutions
  • Google expansion in consumer space (plans revealed during I/O)
  • decresed marketshare of WP in US and China
  • ...

Some of these are just gossips, but 2014 looks like wasted year for Microsoft for me. I'm not sure if it's not too late for Treshold to debiut on April 2015. What is this "something major" we all naively waiting for?

What do you think, guys?