Need the tribes knowledge with a decision about the Surface Pro 3 please

Hi all,

Need some help to make a decision please. I'm in the market to buy a new laptop (had to give my other one back when my company made me redundant) and on my wishlist is the new Surface Pro 3 with Keyboard of course. But here in the UK when released the Pro 3 is going to be very expensive, so i'm looking for pro 3 alternatives.

I do quite a lot of design and graphics works so would need to be at least an i5 model and at least 4gb of memory to go with it. 64gb SSD at a bare minimum - would need an memory card slot too . Looked at a Sony Vaio Tap 11 and a Samsung XE7001C both with the keyboard attachments.

I really want the Pro 3 it is an amazing piece of kit, but don't think I should spend a good portion of my redundancy on one if there is something else out there cheaper which is a direct competitor.

So over to you tribe, what should I look at and consider?