Verge Battery Test Flaw?

A quick question, and suggestion, about the Verge Battery Test.

From what I have read, it seems that they set the brightness to a certain percentage, and then web browse until it dies. I think the test may be flawed in one spot.

Different displays have different brightness levels. As such, even having all phones at the same brightness percentage (reportedly at 65%), the displays will actually be at different brightnesses. The way to combat this is to measure the brightness externally using a photometer, and then set all the brightnesses the same light value.

This should help because, from the tests, it seems that displays with high brightness were getting lower scores than they should.

disclaimer: I'm not an expert on lighting, measuring light, and the correct terminology regarding measuring light, which was why I avoided using terminology of any kind. It's just that I understand that while you are able to set phones to the same brightness percentage, that doesn't mean they're outputting the same amount of light.