xbox ones so great?!?

so tell me why exactly everyone thinks that Xbox One is so great? Yes, while the technology used in it and the voice command and all the ideas are good, its not so spectacular when it comes down to it.i have one and i dont believe its as good as everyone puts out. yes i love the ideas, and when my friends find out that i now have the Xbox One, they flip and say "oh my god its sooooo cool" but im like "ehhh well"..

reason being~ the voice command sucks, it never works, when i try to go to netflix, speaking normally or even really pronouncing the syllables, it still never works! and its annoying with the face-recognition, because i have two profiles on mine, and it always connects to my boyfriends when i try to sign in, its annoying, if i wanted to always use his profile, then why would i have my own.??

dont get me wrong, i love it, i dont like some of the apps, lets just say Xbox Music, its very confusing and aggrevating trying to navigate to certain songs and now playing, as far as the overall, yes its good, but is it really as great as what they hype says??

share your opinions, id like to hear them