Anyone leaving Chrome for Safari when 10.10 Ships?

I've been a Chrome users since Day one on Windows with the beta. I then moved to Mac shortly after, And stayed with Chrome. I used to love it because no matter where I went, when I signed into Chrome everything was the same, from themes to extensions to bookmarks. And I loved its streamlined simplicity as well. That all said, for the first time since Chrome shipped, I am going to give up Chrome to switch to Safari (10.10 version) For a multitude of reasons. For one, Chrome is an absolute battery hog on my 15" retina MacBook Pro. The other day I ;eft my charger at work and I decided to use Safari instead of Chrome and was blown away how much more battery life I could get with Safari. It seems to drain very very fast in Chrome and Mavericks is always telling me that Chrome is the biggest battery drain. Also Chrome is a huge resource drain however this is less an issue since I have the latest MBP with 16Gb of Ram and SSD, so while it is a resource hog, I dont feel it. Also, Chrome was great because it was a fresh of breath air from IE and Firefox because it was less bloated and yet now it has become exactly that. The new Safari is ultra streamlined and truly lets the content be front and center. Now syncs across multiple devices and has great performance as well as the previously stated battery efficiencies. So is anyone else planning on ditching Chrome and moving to Safari when 10.10 ships? Or have you already switched and how was your experience?