It's not every day you get to see a giant whale being washed live on the internet. But today is your lucky day. The enormous, fiberglass blue whale sculpture hanging from the ceiling of the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History in New York is being vacuumed and brushed — all 94 feet of it. You catch out all the high-stakes action going now, between 11:30AM EST and 12:30PM, at the museum's livestream account. The exhibition manager's lofty scrubbing is also being accompanied by pop-up blue whale facts, and you can weigh in with your own takes on Twitter using the hashtag #WhaleWash. It's not the first time the whale-washing has been recorded for posterity. Catch a time-lapse video of the 2011 washing here.

Update: Today's whale-washing has concluded. The whale is now fully cleaned. Swim on.