Picking the best HP laptop (In Canada)

Hey guys!

HP has agreed to replace my laptop after I've had numerous issues with it over the years. They say that it needs to be a comparable one and available in my region. The laptop I have to replace is a HP Envy 17 3d 1195ca I'm having a hard time finding anything and am looking for advise on which one to pick. The three ones that I suggested were either unavailable in my region, discontinued or otherwise out of stock. They suggest one of these two (HP Envy 17-j150ca,HP Envy Leap Motion SE 17-j170ca) but those two seem to be a little meh mainly because of their screen resolutions. The three things that I'm looking for are a 1080p screen, a dedicated graphics card and to be 17 inches (those were the reason why I bought my old laptop and are the points that I'd consider being areas to compare with, not to mention the screen had a pretty decent refresh rate since it was 3d) I'm looking for advise on what I should do. I must say I'm a little surprised that for $1000+ you can't get a full HD screen, with a graphics card in Canada yet in the US you can get the same computer with a better screen, graphics card, bigger hard drive for only $50 more (excluding currency exchange).