Nexus 6: Screen Size Limit

What Is Your Screen Size Dealbreaker?


For years now we have been going up in screen size. in 2009 The Nexus One was a humble 3.7 inch display. It was nice fit well in the hand and it was just a little bigger from the iPhones of those times. the Nexus S followed with a 4 inch display but didn't increase so dramatically in size that it would be an issue. Then the Galaxy Nexus arrived, with a much bigger 4.7 inch display. I remember when that phone was announced some were a little weary of the size increase. Luckily since then the Nexus 4(4.7) and 5(4.95, 5inch) have been marginally bigger.

With the possibility of a Nexus 6 coming later this year, what would be the ideal size for you and is there a deal breaker size that you will no longer entertain?

New rumors have emerged that a Nexus phone being built by Motorola could be "Phablet" territory with a 5.9 inch screen codenamed "Shamu." This has gotten a few different sources in the past few days and does fit the trend of fishy codenames used by Google internally. Merely speculation for now but it does give more signals that something BIG could be coming.