Nexus 6: Screen Size Limit

What Is Your Screen Size Dealbreaker?


For years now we have been going up in screen size. in 2009 The Nexus One was a humble 3.7 inch display. It was nice fit well in the hand and it was just a little bigger from the iPhones of those times. the Nexus S followed with a 4 inch display but didn't increase so dramatically in size that it would be an issue. Then the Galaxy Nexus arrived, with a much bigger 4.7 inch display. I remember when that phone was announced some were a little weary of the size increase. Luckily since then the Nexus 4(4.7) and 5(4.95, 5inch) have been marginally bigger.

With the possibility of a Nexus 6 coming later this year, what would be the ideal size for you and is there a deal breaker size that you will no longer entertain?