What's your setup ?

Title speaks for itself, what's your current setup ?

I'll start:


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MacBook Pro 2010 13 inch (Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD, OS X Mavericks) - My main computer. It doesn’t have the best specs in the world but it’s enough for my use case.

iPhone 5s 32GB in Space Grey - My daily driver. I love iPhones, mostly due to their stablility and great build quality. Plus, I really value having a compact device that I can use easily one handed (I have quite small hands for a guy).

iPad 2 16GB in Black - My only tablet. It sees less and less use since I got my MacBook. I do however find use for it in situation such as reading news/websites and watching media in bed. Those are times when having a MacBook sat on top of me would be simply inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Not pictured:

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 (Intel Pentium Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 7) - My former laptop. I only got the MacBook recently due to it being passed down to me from my Dad. This Lifebook was extremely cheap and the performance reflects that. I do however keep it around and use it for any rooting/flashing I do with Android devices. I also use it for work related tasks, so I can have a mental switch to OS X when I want to ‘relax’ from work stuff.

Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB in White - My secondary phone. I recently moved to Denmark from the UK and this is the device I have still on contract in the UK. My carrier however allows use of your standard UK plan at no extra charge in various countries, which includes Denmark. I therefore keep this around as my connection to anyone back home. It has a problem with keeping signal though, which makes it impossible to use a daily driver.

Canon Powershot SX40HS - This is nothing top of the range but it’s still a pretty impressive camera, by far the best that I’ve owned. I was particularly impressed when taking it to the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden last year. Even with some pretty awkward lighting situations and extreme bass, the clarity in the images and the sound in videos was truly fantastic.