College Student In Search of a Good Bag

I start college in the fall. At my university, a "free" laptop is built into our tuition. For the architecture majors like me, it's a 6.2 lb 15.6" HP Workstation laptop. Generally I try to carry light in order to save my back. I had considered buying a convertible or ultra book to mitigate this issue, but when I asked people what I should get, they reminded me how expensive college is and recommended getting a good bag that will distribute the weight well.

Seeing as I'll have textbooks, an iPad, a few folders, a notebook, and some other random stuff, I need to have a bag that distributes weight easily anyways. I would love to hear what you guys think would be a good fit. Budget is around $100 tops and Amazon Prime eligible is preferred (Amazon Student is awesome). Needs to be able to fit a decent sized laptop, an iPad Air, a couple textbooks, a notebook, and room for pens and pencils.