Amazon fights with publisher Hachette over the price of ebooks

Amazon is in the midst of a months-long dispute with US publisher Hachette. The retailer is seeking a new contract that would see most of the publisher's books go on sale for $9.99 or less, and it wants a 30 percent cut — a figure that Amazon says is rather standard for the industry. Hachette has rebuffed Amazon's overtures, and the retailer has responded in kind by using its market position to "encourage" readers to buy other books. It has raised prices on Hachette books, stopped offering pre-orders, and delayed shipping times until the dispute is resolved. Authors and readers have been caught in the crossfire — keep an eye on this StoryStream for the latest updates.

Major Updates

  • Update
    5 10 days ago 34

    Amazon inks deal with book publisher Simon & Schuster, gets ammo in Hachette fight

    Amazon continues to solidify its grip over books sales. As first reported yesterday by Business Insider, the online retail giant has signed a multi-year pact to sell new paper books and ebooks from CBS-owned Simon & Schuster, one of the largest publishing companies in the world. The full terms of the deal haven't been disclosed, but it puts an end to months of difficult negotiations and ensures that Simon & Schuster book titles will be prominently promoted on Amazon's website, according to T...

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  • Update
    4 3 months ago 242

    Amazon wants readers to join ongoing dispute with publisher Hachette

    Amazon has fired its latest shot in what has become a protracted battle with book publisher Hachette. The retailer has published an open letter to readers admonishing Hachette for refusing to agree to a new contract. The letter, titled "Readers United," paints the publisher as a big business that's set in its old-fashioned ways, likening Hachette to the publishers of old that fought to suppress cheap paperback books in the ‘30s.

    The online retailer is seeking new contract terms with Hachette...

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    We want lower e-book prices. Hachette does not.
  • Update
    3 3 months ago 137

    Stephen King, John Grisham, and nearly 900 other authors oppose Amazon's Hachette tactics

    Nearly 900 writers, including Stephen King, John Grisham, Jennifer Egan, and Donna Tartt, have signed a letter objecting to the aggressive tactics that Amazon has been using to gain leverage over the book publisher Hachette, according to the Guardian. As part of what appears to be an attempt to renegotiate the split of revenue on ebook sales in its favor, Amazon has effectively begun discouraging its shoppers from buying Hachette books by not offering preorder options and by pushing their...

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    What we object to is harming authors who have nothing to do with this dispute.
  • Update
    2 4 months ago 151

    Amazon offers Hachette authors 100 percent cut of ebook sales as fight continues

    For months, authors have complained about being caught in the middle of a very public spat between Amazon, the world's largest bookseller, and publisher Hachette. Amazon has aggressively worked to secure better contract terms with the publisher, and in the process has turned to controversial "negotiation tactics" like halting pre-orders for upcoming Hachette books, cutting down on physical inventory, and hitting customers with abnormally long shipping delays. But now the company is offering...

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    Amazon wants to be in the good graces of authors
  • Update
    1 5 months ago 92

    Amazon confirms its fight with publishing giant Hachette is real, and it's far from over

    Amazon's spat with publishing conglomerate Hachette has been unofficial but well-documented, as the retail giant uses its considerable muscle to gain more favorable terms in a deal with one of its largest book partners. On Tuesday it swung its biggest hammer yet, saying formally that it's buying less inventory from Hachette and is no longer taking pre-orders on its books. That means that while you can still buy a Hachette book on Amazon, you can't do so ahead of its publication date, and the...

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    The war over e-books rages on
  • Original Story
    5 months ago 55

    Authors complain of getting screwed over in Amazon's fight with publisher Hachette

    The spat between Amazon and book publisher Hachette is starting to get ugly, leaving both authors and consumers to deal with the repercussions. The online retailer has been castigated in recent weeks for employing questionable tactics and irresponsibly wielding its tremendous influence as it looks to strike a new ebooks deal with Hachette. Many books from the publisher are experiencing long shipping delays — often between two and three weeks — even when Hachette insists that it's fulfilling...

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    Amazon is powerful, and it knows that
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