Samsung's Back to School Essentials

Going back to school can be a struggle. No more lazy days at the beach. No more sleeping in until noon. Your days are full classes rather than fun in the sun. But with a few Samsung gadgets — like the Samsung Galaxy S ®5, Samsung Tab® S, and the Samsung Level ™ family of products — and some new...

Apple reportedly planning multiple wearables, most expensive model might cost $400

We're little over a week from Apple's biggest press conference of the year, and rumors surrounding the company's widely-expected entry into the wearable market are reaching fever pitch. Unidentified sources now tell Recode that there won't be a single Apple wearable device — or "iWatch" as many observers have decided to call it — but rather multiple models at different price points. According to the report, executives have discussed offering a model for as much as $400 — significantly more than the competition. LG's and Samsung's Android Wear-powered models cost $199.99 and $229 respectively. Samsung's Gear 2 costs $299.99.

It's not clear how many models will be available, but it wouldn't be surprising to see less expensive versions of the device with different screen sizes, or perhaps less-impressive specifications. A Wall Street Journal report from this past June suggested that Apple would be able to hit multiple prices by offering models with different size screens. Today's R...

Apple wearable to cost more than the competition?

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Alienware just built the Mac Pro of gaming PCs

Apple's new "trash can" Mac Pro is pretty wild, but Alienware might have just snatched back the title for craziest desktop PC with its new Area-51. Gone is the rectangular tower desktop of old — in its place, Alienware's made a funky, hexagonal machine. Similar to Apple, Alienware claims the design for its new desktop has some practical benefits beyond just looking insane. Since the back of the...

Yes, it's a freaking hexagon

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See the visual effects that bring 'Game of Thrones' to life

Game of Thrones didn't get much love from the Emmys last week — it only won just four technical awards out of 19 nominations — but there's no denying what an impressive achievement the series is. Its creators have brought a massive, fantastic world to life on TV in a way that only film has in the past, and much of the credit goes to the visual effects companies that make it all possible.

Montreal-based visual effects studio Rodeo was among those honored on Monday, and now it's released a video showing off its work for season four of the show. Its work includes bringing Meereen to life, as...

See the gorgeous luxury submarine made by a former James Bond villain

It turns out that James Cameron is far from the only wealthy individual who likes exploring the oceans. For the past 18 years, a company called DeepFlight has specialized in creating high-end, recreational submarines for well-off aquatic adventurers. As the company proudly notes on its website: "DeepFlight personal submarines are ideal toys for superyachts, resorts, and tour operators because of their capability to open up the undersea world in three dimensions."

In an added twist that seems almost too good to be true, the company was founded by Graham Hawkes, a longtime British marine engineer who built and piloted a submarine that...

Snapchat lets you watch and create group videos of live events with 'Our Story'

Snapchat isn't just for sharing slices of your life with your friends anymore. A new feature called "Our Story" has begun rolling out to all users today, which lets you create and view public collections of photos and videos captured at the same live event  — say a concert or sports game — even with people who aren't on your Friends list.

Here's how it works: if you're using Snapchat at a big event where other people are also using the app,...

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Watch the 5 best new movie trailers of the week

Each week's new trailers are starting to look more and more different as we head out of the summer. Forget Michael Bay's explosions — we're stepping toward October's horror films and this winter's award contenders. We've got a bit of all that below, along with some other fun films that are coming...

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Watch Edgar Wright's most hyper-dramatic movie close-ups

It's pretty easy to work out when you're watching an Edgar Wright movie: the British director has a penchant for using close-ups to tell little visual jokes, making mundane objects hilariously important with crash-zooms and portentous music. Filmmaker Jaume R. Lloret, who previously cataloged every death in Quentin Tarantino's movies, has pored through all of Wright's films to catalog his use of close-ups. The resulting video shows his use of the technique in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and...

Google's Project Wing is a secret, drone-based delivery system

Google has been working on self-driving cars for some years now, but the company has just revealed that it is working on yet another ambitious and autonomous vehicle project. According to the BBC and The Atlantic, the secretive Google X team has been working for two years on Project Wing, a drone-based delivery system that sounds a lot like the Amazon drones that CEO Jeff Bezos announced last year.

However, while Google says these vehicles can be used for delivering goods, the project's main...

Keurig's coffee brewer 'DRM' has already been defeated

Maybe getting past Keurig's DRM-protected brewing system won't be so challenging after all. Keurig Green Mountain incensed many third-party coffee pod makers with its decision to lock down the Keurig 2.0 system with the coffee equivalent of DRM earlier this year. The move was widely viewed as a desperate attempt by Green Mountain, which purchased Keurig in 2006, to protect its profits and stop other companies from putting out imitation K-Cups at much cheaper prices. That was the troubling...

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