FAA temporarily halts all US flights to Israel

The US Federal Aviation Administration issued a rare 24-hour ban on all flights from America to Israel's only public international airport on Tuesday afternoon, following reports that a rocket fired by Palestinian militants landed near the airport. Only three US airliners have service to Ben...

Japan's prime minister wants to host the first 'robot Olympics' in 2020

For as long as there have been robots, humans have wanted to thrust them into battle. Now Japan's prime minister wants to take that idea to the largest stage possible. Speaking to reporters last weekend at a robot factory north of Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was reported by Jiji Press (via the Telegraph) as saying: "In 2020 I would like to gather all of the world's robots and aim to hold...

This may be the greatest invention in the history of water balloons

If you've ever had the pleasure of participating in a water balloon fight, you will concur that the most frustrating part of battle is reloading. You think you've got an uninflated balloon securely attached to the end of a garden hose, and then as soon as you turn on the water, *snap*, the balloon comes flying off. Or maybe you don't even get that far — the balloon breaks as you're stretching it on. Or you get it all filled up, and then you can't tie it and it drops and breaks on the ground. Now some ambitious inventor has come up with a solution to all those problems: a device that lets you easily fill up 37 water balloons at once, and 100 in less than a minute.

Josh Malone is the Steve Jobs of water fighting technology

Comcast admits its policies are responsible for customer harassment

Comcast plans to reexamine the way it tries to keep subscribers from leaving its service, after a nightmarish call with one customer went viral last week and led to an outpouring of criticism. The recorded call included eight minutes of what Comcast calls a "Retention" agent attempting to argue a customer down from leaving, and Comcast now admits that much of this aggressive behavior was its...

Samsung's curved, 105-inch 4K TV is $120,000

Samsung's curved, 105-inch 4K TV was always going to be expensive. The only question was how expensive. Today we got an answer: Samsung has priced the set at $119,999.99, a cost that immediately puts it out of reach for all but the most wealthy home-theater enthusiasts. It also makes the $39,999 easel TV look like a deal by comparison. To be fair, this is one product that was never going to be for your everyday consumer. As evidence of that, Samsung won't be producing this TV in bulk. Instead, each model is built to order. Anyone willing to pay for "a movie theater experience at home" can...

Amazon launches Wallet app to digitally store your gift and loyalty cards

Amazon likely has one or more of your credit cards already on file, so it only makes sense that one day the retail giant will make an app that lets you use digital versions of those cards wherever you'd like. Today isn't that day, but Amazon is launching a wallet app, albeit a very basic one. As spotted by TechCrunch, Amazon Wallet has quietly launched in beta in the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store. For now, it allows users to store and use their loyalty cards and gift cards, and to check what the balance is on gift cards from many large retail stores and restaurant chains.

That makes Amazon Wallet surprisingly basic, but...

This is what London's Heathrow airport would look like as a futuristic city

London's Heathrow Airport is one of the world's busiest airports, serving 72.3 million travelers in 2013 alone, and demand for more flights is only growing. But in the near future, it could be replaced entirely with a city of 190,000 people. At least if London Mayor Boris Johnson gets his way.

In order to keep up with skyrocketing demand projected for Heathrow into 2050s, Johnson years ago began advocating that Heathrow be closed and a new...

Dreams on high
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Companies have a tricky new way to track your movement across the web

Researchers at Princeton and Belgium's KU Leuven have uncovered a new web-tracking method that's nearly impossible to block. It's called "canvas fingerprinting," and can potentially follow users between sites even if they've disabled more conventional methods like cookies and aren't logged into Facebook. Instead, the tactic works by asking the...

The tactic was found on Whitehouse.gov, The Blaze and YouPorn
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Quit Twitter before you're hard, quit Instagram before you're soft

It took New York a decade to turn me. Friends in the city said it would make me a bit tougher, a bit gruffer and a bit harder, but I didn't believe them. But it has, and I should leave. I'm a Midwest boy. We had a good run, but this is probably for the better.

There's a saying that you should leave New York before it makes you too hard and...

J Dilla's beat-making gear will be shown at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian is still in the midst of building the National Museum of African American History and Culture, but it just got a very high-profile boost, securing two central pieces of gear from the late and beloved producer J Dilla. According to a...

Best New Apps

Best New Apps: Overcast for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you should download Overcast, the new podcast app from Instapaper creator and Tumblr co-founder Marco Arment. Podcast clients are a crowded category, of course, and it's harder than ever to stand out now that Apple offers its own free solution. But Overcast sets itself apart with thoughtful design, original features, and smart ideas — and it costs nothing to check out.

This CG cityscape almost looks like a photo

Sometimes computer-generated scenes can look so real that it's hard to believe a computer played any role in creating them. Gilvan Isbiro regularly manages to reach that level of photorealism with his work, and Davis Street ranks as one of his best. With a quick glance, most people might assume the above image is just your average tourist photo of San Francisco. But in reality, it took a week's worth of careful design work and rendering to arrive at the final shot. Only when you zoom in close...

Seoul plans to ban Uber and launch its own taxi app

Uber's days in South Korea may be numbered. The city of Seoul has announced plans to ban the taxi-hailing app, citing concerns that the company threatens the livelihood of the city's taxi drivers. As a replacement, the city government plans to roll out its own GPS-based app by the end of the year, offering Seoul's citizens a similar experience without the predatory reputation that has dogged Uber in the past. An Uber representative said the company was disappointed with the decision....

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