Tesla CEO Elon Musk will appear on 'The Simpsons'

Elon Musk seems to end up wildly successful in pretty much any venture that he's undertaking, and it appears that success extends into fictional worlds as well. According to EW, Musk will cameo on The Simpsons in a future episode, where he'll turn up in Springfield and somehow manage to bankrupt Mr. Burns. This won't be the first time that Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has been referenced in...

Here's where Tony Stark should live when he moves to San Francisco

With details emerging about the upcoming new Iron Man series at this year's Comic-Con, Marvel has confirmed what the rest of America already knows: San Francisco is where you go if you're looking to launch an app. In the upcoming comic Superior Iron Man #1, Tony Stark is leaving Stark Tower in Manhattan and moving 3,000 miles to San Francisco to build his Extremis mobile app. Stark is a very, very, very rich man, and a narcissist who could benefit from a locally sourced, organic glass of humility. He'll fit right in.

Tony Stark is a very rich man. He'll fit right in.


Signal brings painless encrypted calling to iOS

Encryption is hard. As the NSA leaks create new demand for secure voice and texting apps, it’s a lesson developers have learned over and over. It’s not just writing secure code — although that’s hard too — but ending up with a program that your average user can actually navigate.

When it comes to tackling that problem, Whisper Systems has an unusually strong track record. The company made R...

Is this the simplest encrypted call you'll ever make?

Tor received $1.8 million in US federal funds last year, while the NSA tried to crack it

One arm of the US government may be trying to crack Tor, but another arm is handing Tor money — a lot of it. As spotted by the Guardian, the anonymous browsing tool Tor is reporting that it received over $1.8 million in federal funds last year, a figure that's gone up 50 percent from 2012. It's ironic news, as the NSA and other intelligence organizations have been attempting to undermine Tor,...

EA is letting Xbox One owners pay $5 a month to play all its best games

Electronic Arts has announced a new subscription service that gives Xbox One owners access to some of its biggest games for a small monthly fee. Called EA Access, the service is launching to select users in beta today, with a starting price of $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. The company says EA Access will "launch for everyone on Xbox One soon." Paying for the subscription will get you access to what EA calls its Vault, a collection of games you'll have unlimited access to as long as you're subscribed. During the beta, that will include a sampling of four titles — FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25,...


This sleek electric bike features smart lights and a built-in lock

A team of designers in Seattle are building a bike that could be your new best option for navigating busy city streets. Called the Denny, the bike concept includes a number of clever features that make it a bit more useful than your average two-wheeler. Not only does it have a removable electric motor to give you a bit of a boost, as well as automatic gear shifting, but its detachable handlebar doubles as a lock, so you never have to worry...

City bike
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Microsoft offices in China raided over monopoly allegations

Four of Microsoft’s offices in China were raided yesterday as part of an anti-monopoly investigation. China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has revealed that around 100 officials made unannounced visits to Microsoft’s offices in China, seeking...

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SDCC 2014Watch This

Watch the full 'Interstellar' Comic-Con panel with Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey

Even after this week's Comic-Con panel, we still don't know much about Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Interstellar. Will there be wormholes? Check. An internal emotional struggle for our main protagonist, a pilot played by Matthew McConaughey? Check, check, check. You can now watch the 15-minute panel yourself, with Nolan and his lead star reportedly making their first-ever appearance at Comic-Con. Two words of caution, however: one, the new footage that bookended the panel isn't included...


Fears can be inherited through smell

When researchers look at trauma, they don’t just look at the lives of those who experience traumatic events. Often, they turn their attention to offspring, because numerous studies, some conducted on the children of Holocaust survivors, have shown...

Fitbit is the first fitness band to support Windows Phone

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year it was clear Microsoft had a problem: exciting new hardware like Pebble, Nest, and various fitness bands were not fully supported on Windows. Companies appeared to be ignoring Microsoft’s platforms in favor of iOS and Android. Thanks to Windows Phone 8.1, that might be about to change. Bluetooth support is greatly improved with the 8.1 update, and Fitbit is the first to take advantage of it with a new mobile syncing app for Windows Phone 8.1.



I unlocked my phone with a tattoo

Getting people to secure their smartphones is a tough job. They contain our entire digital lives, everything from confidential emails to sensitive bank information. That presents a bit of a problem if we lose our phones and they fall into the...

OkCupid admits that it experiments on users, just like Facebook

Facebook received a lot of backlash when news came out that it had manipulated users' news feeds in order to experiment on them, and today OkCupid is responding with the admission that it too has run experiments on users. OkCupid isn't apologizing for it though — rather, it's arguing that experiments across the web are good and necessary. "Guess what, everybody: if you use the internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site," site co-founder Christian...

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