Microsoft pits Siri against Cortana in new Windows Phone 8.1 ad

Microsoft is focusing on Apple’s Siri digital assistant in one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 commercials. It’s another return to the Mac vs. PC war, as Microsoft choses to mock Siri in an effort to showcase Cortana for the first time. The new commercial sees an iPhone 5S pitted against a low-end...

SDCC 2014

Watch the first 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' footage in latest trailer

The Hunger Games has been promoting itself with eerie propaganda videos and posters for a couple months now, but today the first proper teaser for Mockingjay Part I has arrived. The teaser doesn't go right into all-out advertising mode either: it still maintains the dark tones of everything else that we've seen promoting the film until now. It's both hopeful and mournful, and it shows that...

Amazon opens a 'Create Your Own' 3D-printing store

Not to be outdone by eBay, Amazon today opens the doors to a new 3D Printing Store that allows the customization of "more than 200 unique print on-demand products." Personalized dog tags, credit card holders, iPhone cases, and even custom bobbleheads are among the first selection of items that Amazon has on offer. The massive online retailer won't be involved in the manufacturing process and is simply connecting its shoppers with established 3D-printing businesses like Sculpteo, Mixee Labs, and 3DLT, who will be responsible for fulfilling orders placed through the new store.

"The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing," says Sculpteo CEO Clément Moreau, as "a customer's wants are no longer limited to what is in stock but instead by what they can imagine." Moreau thinks Amazon's participation will expand the market for 3D-printed goods dramatically and reduce promotional costs for producers. Amazon's Marketplace director Petra Schindler-Carter...

“The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing." Clément Moreau, Sculpteo CEO

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'Batkid Begins' is the origin story of San Francisco's smallest superhero

The city of San Francisco — and most of Twitter — stopped and watched last November, as five-year-old Miles Scott became pint-sized superhero Batkid. Miles, who has leukemia, was given the chance to dress up as his favorite comic icon by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His day was made even more remarkable by the reaction from the city he wanted to save, as thousands of people turned out to watch...

batkid's back, alright

Amazon may be going after Square with a credit card reader of its own

It looks like Amazon is about to release another piece of hardware. After over a year murmurs, documentation from Staples' internal inventory system suggests that Amazon is almost ready to unveil its own point-of-sale system to compete with the likes of Square and PayPal Here. A copy of the inventory documentation provided to 9 to 5 Mac includes an unreleased product referred to as an "Amazon...


The Verge Playlist: Weather the storm

Here in the Northeastern United States, we're in the thick of a hot, sticky summer, and with it, privy to theatrical summer thunderstorms almost every day. I love thunderstorms in the summer — there's just nothing like when the sky turns pitch black in the middle of the day and the clouds unleash their fury on the land below. There's a specific soundtrack that goes oh so perfectly with these storms: moody, atmospheric metal that builds from quiet nothing into crashing crescendos and soaring guitars. These often lengthy songs evoke the rain coming down, the thunder booming overhead, and the...

SDCC 2014

'Gotham' first look: all set-up and no substance

In the opening moments of Fox’s new series Gotham, you follow a young, strangely mute Selina Kyle as she leaps up and down fire escapes, picking pockets and making mischief. You guess she’s supposed to be "young Catwoman" because of her signature goggles and her cat-like agility, but you never get a glimpse into her inner life.

A few minutes later she comes across a particularly iconic murder scene. The Wayne family is on their way home after...

In 'Gotham', you're always left wanting more
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These beautiful worlds are trapped in tiny bottles

Some people build ships in bottles. Rafael Varona builds worlds.

The Berlin-based artist and animator recently launched a new series of animated GIFs called "Impossible Bottles," that imagine beautiful, wondrous worlds stuffed inside miniature glass bottles. Right now the ongoing series includes a dense, colorful jungle and a dark, foreboding...


The Weekender: cosplay, card games, and cowabunga

Welcome back to The Weekender. Every Saturday morning, The Verge will give you something to do. This is where you'll get the best of what we’ve written this week, but also a reason to get up and actually do something with your life — even if that something is dreaming of the far off places you...

Mouth Silence is the sound of your brain roasting

It’s the most horrific mix of the ’80s, ’90s, and today.

Imagine the rapture in all its violence and beauty, set to the sound of a trillion angels harmonizing to Third Eye Blind's "Semi-charmed Life." Imagine yourself hurdling through a lukewarm,...

Russia has lost control of a gecko sex experiment in space

67 years ago, the US sent fruit flies into space inside a V-2 rocket to see if they could survive the radiation. Thus began a long and storied history of bringing animals off planet to explore what happens when gravity disappears. One of the...

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The first trailer for Kevin Smith's horror film 'Tusk' is here and it's bizarre

Kevin Smith promised to unveil the first trailer for his latest horror film Tusk at San Diego Comic-Con, and he delivered this evening. And it's much weirder than even we expected. Starring Justin Long as a podcaster visiting Canada for a new story, Long's journey takes a turn when he meets an old man who... winds up surgically turning him into a walrus. It's as bizarre as all that sounds, and Smith looks like he's blending body horror with a really strange sense of humor in this movie. We'll...

SDCC 2014

The first 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' trailer heads into its own weird future

Did the world need another Hot Tub Time Machine? Either way, it's getting one, and with dramatically more time-twisting action than before. The first raunchy (and NSFW) trailer for the comedy's sequel finds the gang having taken advantage of their knowledge of the future to get rich Back to the Future Part II-style, except things go wrong when another night in the hot tub sends them to the predictably wild future of 2024. As one character puts it, "Don’t mess with a winning formula, huh?" The...

Which smartwatch should you buy?

There are only two smartwatches worth buying today: the Pebble and Google's new Android Wear platform. If you're bent on buying one, which do you choose? The Pebble's got the looks, Android Wear has the power of Google, should either earn your...

SDCC 2014

Watch the first trailer for the next season of 'The Walking Dead'

Things have never really been going well on The Walking Dead, but the core crew only appears more broken and battered than ever in the first trailer for Season 5. The trailer teases the group's attempts to get to DC and — hopefully — deliver a cure for the zombifying infection. There's always been a lot standing in their way, and it all looks even more gruesome and horrifying in this coming season. The show will come back on the air with new episodes starting October 12th.

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