The founder who swayed Silicon Valley with shoddy science

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Paul Walker's brothers step in to finish 'Fast 7'

At Subway, we’re all about eating fresh and eating healthy. We know how difficult it can be to count calories and maintain a healthy diet. That is why we are pleased to introduce our Holographic Turkey Club. For years, we’ve pondered how to bring you all the bold, exciting flavors of a traditional Subway sandwich, but with zero calories. After many trials, we’re excited to unveil this...

Football players don't have enough time between seasons to recover from head impacts

Even football players who haven't experienced a concussion need time to recover from the head impacts they receive during the football season. A study published today in PLOS ONE reveals that the six month-long no-contact period that players are given between seasons isn't giving their brains enough time to recover. Researchers say this failure to recuperate could contribute to the kind of long-term cognitive disorders that some former-NFL players have sued the league over.

Signs of mild brain injury persist after six months of rest

Google develops computer vision accurate enough to solve its own CAPTCHAs

Google has cracked the CAPTCHA. In a paper published this week, Google researchers say that they've developed an algorithm that can accurately solve Google's own CAPTCHA puzzles — those obfuscated jumbles of letters and numbers you type in on websites to prove that you're human — with 99.8 percent accuracy, obviously posing something of a problem to the puzzle's intended purpose of weeding...

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Final 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' trailer sets the stage for war

With its release less than two months away, the promotion has really been ramping up for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and today the film's final trailer has arrived. Directed by Bryan Singer, the film stars both the classic film cast — including Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier and Ian McKellen as Magneto — with their younger counterparts from the prequel X-Men: First Class. If the flurry of trailers and clips weren't enough, the film also recently received a new promotional site called 25 Moments, which details iconic events in history that were impacted by mutants (in the...

Blizzard's addictive 'Hearthstone' card game is now on iPad

Prepare to say goodbye to your free time. Blizzard's excellent digital card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available for iPad worldwide, after recently launching in a few select territories. The iPad version is exactly the same as its Windows and Mac counterpart, though the portable nature and addition of touch controls make this perhaps the ideal way to play the game. You can also share your account across the desktop and mobile versions of the game, so if you're already playing you won't have to rebuild your deck from scratch. Hearthstone is a multiplayer game, so you'll need an internet connection in order to engage in...

The first Heartbleed hacker has been arrested

Canadian officials say they've tracked down the man responsible for the last week's Heartbleed-assisted breach at the Canadian Revenue Agency, which compromised the personal data of more than 900 citizens. According to The Calgary Herald, 19-year-old Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes from London, Ontario has been officially charged with the attack after five days of investigation. The official charges are "unauthorized use of a computer" and...

The official charges are "unauthorized use of a computer" and "mischief in relation to data"
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After success of mob-run 'Pokemon', Twitch bets on turning viewers into 'torture artists'

In January 2014, longtime game designer Michael Molinari was testing a prototype of his studio's new multiplayer project. Choice Chamber, built for the massively popular streaming platform Twitch, promised a new kind of audience participation. Tens of thousands of people can watch a game on Twitch, but in an ordinary game, that's all they can...

Streaming game platform helps fund 'Choice Chamber,' where the chat window sets the challenges
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NYPD shutters controversial unit that spied on Muslims

The New York Police Department has disbanded a division that conducted extensive covert surveillance on the city's Muslim communities. The Demographics Unit infiltrated mosques, restaurants, and other locations with plainclothes officers and...

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DARPA is turning drones into wireless hotspots

Google and Facebook aren't the only ones trying to beam down connectivity from the sky: DARPA, the US Defense Department's advanced research agency, is trying to turn drones into hotspots for high-speed wireless networks, and it recently completed an initial testing and development phase on the program working toward that goal. The major developments were in the creation of steerable antennas and efficient radio amplifiers for the hotspots. DARPA also created a housing for the hotspots,...

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Is it Prime time for Amazon's smartphone?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Fifth Annual Jeff Bezos Book Burning! This year we are pleased to unveil the Kindling Fire, which is sure to put a spark in the Amazon ecosystem. Using the Kindling Fire, customers will now be able to get a...

Intel is losing billions every year on tablets and smartphones

In recent months, Intel has been under pressure to explain why personal computers haven't been selling quite as well. But the chipmaker may have another pressing concern: losing billions of dollars on mobile. In 2013, Intel's mobile chip division lost a hefty $3.15 billion, after posting an operating loss of $1.78 billion in 2012. In the first quarter of 2014 alone, the Mobile and Communications Group saw a $929 million operating loss on a meager $156 million in revenue, according to new...

SpaceX signs 20-year lease for the Apollo 11 launch pad

SpaceX has signed a 20-year lease with NASA to operate a launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. On Monday, the space agency announced that it had reached an agreement that would see SpaceX take over maintenance and operation of Launch...

The maker of Roomba says its robots may someday recognize everything in your house

The Roomba has been cleaning apartment floors for years now, but its creator sees a future where the popular household robot carries out far more useful chores. "Consumer research tells us that laundry is the number one household task that people spend their time on, so a laundry robot would be on top of the list," said iRobot CTO Paolo Pirjanian in an interview with MIT Technology Review. But he conceded it'll be some time before we're handing off laundry duty.

Still, by the sounds of it,...

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