N3twork surfs the web for you to serve up a personalized stream of videos on your iPhone

Silicon Valley plays host to two very different opinions about how we should find great videos online.

One angle is that your friends are posting all the best videos online, and you need only check Facebook to find something to watch. The other angle posits that algorithms are the key — formulas that comb the web automatically to find videos you might like based on other videos you've already...

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From the electrophone to Beats: check out this interactive history of the headphone

Did you know that the first headphone was invented back in the 1890s? Since then, headphones have evolved and developed into the personal audio devices we all use today. Headphone maker Ligo has put together an interactive guide to the 120-year history of the headphone, complete with period-correct background music for each decade. Plug in your own headphones and take trip through the history of tuning out everyone around you.

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Can anyone stop Comcast?

This good-looking bracelet has a phone charger hidden inside

Most wrist-bound devices are designed to take your hands and eyes off your phone, to allow you to use it less. But the QBracelet wants you to use it more — or at least longer. Inside the bracelet's clasp, there's either a Micro USB or Lightning connector, which Q Designs (the new company behind the bracelet) says will give you 60 percent more charge on your device. When you're in a pinch, just...

Google Chrome arrives in Cuba

Google Chrome is now available for download in Cuba, one of the world's most isolated internet regimes. Google announced the move in a short Google+ post Wednesday, noting that American sanctions against Cuba and other countries have made it more difficult for the company to launch products abroad. Although Cuban internet users have been able to access Chrome through unofficial channels, they'll now be able to download the web browser directly from

This week's announcement comes after Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and a delegation of web activists visited Cuba in June, pushing for a free and open internet. The government of...

Ads are coming to SoundCloud

All good things must come to an end and SoundCloud's ad-free existence is one of them. The popular music- and podcast-sharing platform is today launching an ad-supported On SoundCloud program to enable creators to monetize the audio they post to it. Starting out in the US and rolling out gradually from there, the new scheme will have users "see and hear" commercials alongside particular tracks. Ads will only be attached to a song if its author...

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SeaWorld trainers will not be able to swim with killer whales again

SeaWorld has decided not to appeal several citations from OSHA that it received after the 2010 drowning of a trainer who was swimming with a killer whale. The Associated Press reports that, as a result, SeaWorld trainers will not be able to swim with killer whales during shows in the future, which could help to remove some criticism from the...

Norway may have arrested its first drunk Segway driver

Norway arrested what may be the country’s first drunk Segway driver, after legalizing the vehicles a month ago. The man was arrested in Oslo after witnesses reported that he was behaving strangely and struggling to balance on his two-wheeled...

AMC's 'Halt and Catch Fire' is getting a second season

Until recently, prospects weren't good for AMC's Halt and Catch Fire. The drama, about a group of misfits attempting to clone IBM computer technology in the 1980s, saw a dip in ratings, and renewal wasn't certain. But it appears AMC is willing to gamble on the series: the show has been renewed for a second season.

A Snapchat news network is probably coming in November

Future generations will look at how we get our news today — with our wasteful dead tree "newspapers," and persistent "websites" and "blogs" that you need to scroll to read, and video "broadcasts" that last for several minutes at a time — and they...

AT&T now offers gigabit internet service in Apple's backyard

AT&T is the first broadband provider to offer gigabit home internet service in Silicon Valley. More specifically, the company announced that its U Verse service in Cupertino, California will support upload and download speeds of up to one gigabit,...

Skype finally fixes notifications

Skype! Remember Skype? Good old Skype. It was dominant, powerful, a friend that only let you down at most twice or three times per day. Then the market was suddenly flooded with competitors: Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, FaceTime, on and on. I would use Skype, you said to yourself pensively, but some parts of it are really weird.

Today Skype gets slightly less weird. Today the notifications are finally fixed.

Skype's rolling out what it's calling "active endpoint," which basically means it's...

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