SDCC 2014

Edgar Wright's next two films are reportedly a comedy and a sci-fi about sex-crazed bugs

Edgar Wright just left Marvel's Ant-Man movie a couple months ago, but he appears to already have two new films locked up. Deadline reports that Wright's next two movies will be Baby Driver — a long-gestating comedy written by Wright himself — and a young-adult novel adaptation called Grasshopper Jungle. Wright's plans to direct Baby Driver appear to be all but a done deal, and he's said to be...

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Comic-Con 2014: all the news from geek culture's biggest event

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con should be bigger than ever. The next two years in movies and TV are going to be huge ones, and this year's Comic-Con is where a good many of them will introduce themselves and start getting fans excited. Follow along here for all of top news from the event, from panels to trailers to surprise announcements. Comic-Con will be going on from July 24th through the 27th, and we'll be there live each and every day.

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SDCC 2014

Watch the first trailer for the next season of 'The Walking Dead'

Things have never really been going well on The Walking Dead, but the core crew only appears more broken and battered than ever in the first trailer for Season 5. The trailer teases the group's attempts to get to DC and — hopefully — deliver a cure for the zombifying infection. There's always been a lot standing in their way, and it all looks even more gruesome and horrifying in this coming...

Things look as awful as ever

Stephen King, John Grisham, and nearly 900 other authors oppose Amazon's Hachette tactics

Nearly 900 writers, including Stephen King, John Grisham, Jennifer Egan, and Donna Tartt, have signed a letter objecting to the aggressive tactics that Amazon has been using to gain leverage over the book publisher Hachette, according to the Guardian. As part of what appears to be an attempt to renegotiate the split of revenue on ebook sales in its favor, Amazon has effectively begun...

Sierra Leone is on the lookout for an Ebola-positive patient on the run

Officials in Sierra Leone's capital are trying to find a woman who left a hospital with the help of her family after testing positive for the deadly Ebola virus. The 32-year-old woman, whom radio stations in Freetown named as Saudatu Koroma, was being tested for the virus in an isolation ward, then was "forcefully removed" by her family, Reuters reports. That's led to a hunt for Koroma to keep her from spreading the virus to others.

'The Expendables 3' leaks nearly a month before theatrical release

The Expendables 3 has leaked nearly an entire month before it's due to hit theaters nationwide. A DVD-quality copy of the film began circulating on piracy sites sometime Wednesday and as of Thursday evening had been downloaded over 100,000 times. Torrent Freak observed over 66,000 people attached to a single torrent, so the leak could quickly turn into major crisis for distributor Lionsgate.

The third Expendables installment, co-written by Sylvester Stallone, follows the series tradition of cramming a seemingly endless roster of action stars into a single movie. They're always over the top and filled with blazing gunfire and explosions at...

Lyft will launch in all of New York City's five boroughs tonight

Lyft is finally launching in New York City, but it's making some concessions to do so. After a back-and-forth battle between Lyft and the city, the two have finally struck a deal that will allow Lyft to begin offering service throughout the city's five boroughs, but only so long as Lyft drivers register with the city's Taxi & Limousine Commission. That makes Lyft's operation in New York distinctly different from its modus operandi: Lyft's...

"We will continue to work with city and state officials to craft new rules." Lyft
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Google is collecting medical data to paint a picture of perfect human health

Google has started to collect medical data from volunteers as part of an ambitious project designed to build a database of records that show what a healthy human being should be. The project, developed by Google's experimental Google X wing and called Baseline Study, sees the company first harvesting anonymous genetic and molecular information...

prevention is better than the cure
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Philips' light bulbs will bring 'Sharknado' into your living room

Finally there's a reason to invest in smart light bulbs. Syfy and Philips have announced that Sharknado 2: The Second One viewers will be treated to a custom light show designed to sync up with the film when it premieres on July 30th. It's all made possible with Syfy's "Sync" second-screen app,...

Best New Apps

Best New Apps: Ultratext

Ultratext is a dead-simple iOS app for creating GIFs and sending them via MMS and iMessage. It creates flashing neon messages, with the words you type blown up in all caps, accessorized with emoji and selfies and other photos from your camera...

HPV vaccination rates in the US are still 'unacceptably low,' says CDC

The number of teenagers who were vaccinated for HPV last year was still "unacceptably low," according to a report released today by the CDC. Despite a slight increase in vaccination rates over previous years, only 35 percent of adolescent boys and 57 percent of adolescent girls received one or more doses of the HPV vaccine by their 13th birthday in 2013. This, the agency says, can mainly be attributed to "knowledge gaps among parents" and a failure on the part of clinicians to recommend the...


A new fossil suggests 'all dinosaurs' may have had feathers

You've never seen a dinosaur, naturally, but you probably have a pretty good idea of what they look like. We've seen the same look over and over, across dozens of movies, books and museums: there's the balanced tail, the lizard-shaped head and,...

Pesticide linked to three generations of genetic damage

No one's used the pesticide Methoxychlor for more than a decade — but according to a new study, it may be harming people for generations to come. A group of researchers at Washington State University have discovered new effects from the pesticide that reach into a subject's epigenome, affecting children and even grandchildren of the initial subject. That ancestral exposure can contribute to adult onset kidney disease, ovarian disease, and obesity in later generations.

Obama will reportedly order privacy guidelines for domestic drone use

Privacy guidelines may soon be put in place for drones flying within the US. According to Politico, President Obama plans to issue an executive order to have a set of voluntary privacy guidelines drafted for commercial drones. The guidelines would help protect citizens as these small aircraft — often carrying cameras — become increasingly available. Politico reports that it is not yet known when the order will be issued, but that the White House is working to figure out the proper policy.

'Join us in our ritual,' beckons Cthulhu-based cryptocurrency

Written in the voodoo cultspeak of futurist horror writer H.P. Lovecraft's short story, "The Call of Cthulhu," the creepy Cthulhu Offerings may be the most confusing digital currency yet.

"The time draws near, the return of The Great Old One is...

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