Aereo takes on broadcasters before the Supreme Court

Todd Jones: Revolutionizing Action Sports Filmmaking

Once an East Coast kid who dreamed of Rocky Mountain powder snow, Todd Jones worked as a professional skier, helicopter skiing guide, and commercial fisherman before co-founding Teton Gravity Research. In the 18 years since, TGR has grown into the premier action sports production company,...

Russian law orders bloggers to register, restricts pornography and obscene language

A new Russian law, adopted by the Duma on Tuesday, is placing serious restrictions on the nation's bloggers. Any online writer with more than 3000 visitors a day is required to declare their family name, initials and email address, and is then officially considered an "internet user called blogger." Once registered, they are subject to the same regulations as the mass media, including provisions against libel, pornography and obscene language. An initial violation will result in a fine; second violations will result in a website being suspended for a month.

"The real purpose of the bill is to prevent any criticism of the authorities." HRC member Ilya Shablinsky

FCC fails to clarify new net neutrality plans

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has just published a blog post that expands on a statement he gave last night on the topics of net neutrality and an open internet. Earlier yesterday, The Wall Street Journal issued a troubling report alleging that the FCC will soon propose new rules that effectively spell the end of net neutrality. Wheeler came out hard against that notion last night, and he continues...

"Limiting the openness of the Internet will not be permitted." FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler


NASA wants you to build your own Mars Rover

The work astronauts do in outer space has always captured people’s imaginations, but it can be tough to translate the complex science and expensive equipment NASA uses every day into lessons anyone can enjoy. "I tried to build some of my own stuff to teach kids about the electromagnetic spectrum," says Ginger Butcher, who leads education and outreach for NASA’s Aura Mission, which has been...

MIT algorithm predicts how popular your Instagram photo will be

The most-liked photo of 2013.

If you want more Instagram likes, don't take photos of spatulas, golf carts, or space heaters. That's a bit of advice from Aditya Khosla, a PhD candidate at MIT's prestigious Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Khosla, who previously came up with an algorithm to help actors tweak their headshots to make them more memorable, has crunched through 2.3 million Flickr photos in order to isolate the factors that make a photo popular.


More than a social network: Facebook aims to be the source for breaking news

Facebook has always been filled with "news," just not the kind you’d find in a daily newspaper.

Recently, however, Facebook had made several moves to shift the content of your News Feed towards hard news — towards providing the RSS-like news experience people never knew they wanted. Facebook started with juicing the popularity of breaking stories by its favorite publishers inside the News Feed and Paper, its news app, but today, the company is taking its news efforts one step further. Facebook is announcing Newswire, an official Facebook page you can follow that aggregates the best original content posted on the site. If you’d like, you...


'Watch Dogs' adds real guilt to fake killing

The defining experience of every Grand Theft Auto-style game is running over pedestrians with cars. Typically, I think nothing of it — they’re not really people, after all. They might look a little bit like you and me, but they are devoid of personality, of consciousness, of soul. So when I’m fleeing five cop cars and a pedestrian-filled getaway route presents itself, I don’t hesitate to mow them down. Sometimes I even smile as they bounce off...

This isn't your daddy's GTA
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Facebook now has more than a billion mobile users every month

Facebook reported its first-quarter earnings today, posting revenues of $2.5 billion and a profit of $1.07 billion in profit. That's a big improvement over the same quarter last year, when it reported $1.45 billion in revenues and $373 million in profit. That means in the last year revenue was up...

Supreme Court says child porn victims can claim payment from anyone who has their images

Victims of child pornography whose images have spread around the internet can now claim damages from anyone who possessed those files, the Supreme Court ruled today, but may not be held liable for as much money as distributors or pornographers.

The case was Paroline vs. United States, in which a woman, "Amy," sought restitution from a Texas man named Doyle Paroline for possessing two images of her being raped when she was 8 and 9 years old. A federal judge ruled that Paroline was not liable...

Band of drones can play music better than your average human

You've never heard Strauss performed quite like this. The team at KMel Robotics has assembled a band of hexrotor drones that "have taken up new instruments to play some fresh songs." That "fresh" description isn't exactly serious, as each of the...

You can now control your PC from a Windows Phone

Microsoft originally allowed Android and iOS users to control desktop PCs from their smartphones last year, but Windows Phone support was missing. Starting today, Microsoft is rolling out a preview version of its Remote Desktop app to let Windows Phone users control their PCs on the go. The app is available for free from the Windows Phone Store, but the only catch is you’ll need to be running Windows Phone 8.1 to access and install it. Windows Phone 8.1 is due to start rolling out to existing...

A lamp is spying on New Yorkers and tweeting their conversations

Wired tells the story of two artists, Kyle McDonald and Brian House, who wanted to experiment with surveillance. The pair installed simple Wi-Fi-enabled recording devices in lamps at McDonalds, a library, a bedroom, a bank, and in New York's Washington Square Park. The recordings are sent to Mechanical Turk workers, who have been transcribing and posting them to Twitter for almost seven months.

Most of the captured conversations are mundane: thoughts like "Socks, I need socks," and "How's...

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