Aereo takes on broadcasters before the Supreme Court

Apple ad uses the Pixies to promote new tagline: 'you're more powerful than you think'

An Apple advertisement airing on major networks tonight uses an alternative-rock classic to promote a new tagline for the iPhone 5S. A crowdsourced version of the Pixies' "Gigantic" plays in the ad, which unveils a new tagline: "You're more powerful than you think." The ad itself shows off the iPhone's content creation features — music is a major part of the commercial, but gaming, photography,...

Agreement means Google will back Samsung in spat with Apple

A legal agreement made between Samsung and Google means that the Android-maker is bound to lend a hand in the event that Samsung loses its current battle with Apple. In court today, Apple disclosed some terms of a Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) between Samsung and Google, including a clause that asks for Google to compensate Samsung.

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Samsung opens museum to own the history of 'innovation'

Samsung Electronics is marking its 45th anniversary today by opening the Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon, South Korea. “The Samsung Innovation Museum brings together some of the true historical masterpieces of electronics innovation," said CEO Kwon Oh-hyun at the opening event. "These inventions laid the technological foundation that allowed us to develop and refine products that enhance...

"...An opportunity to see where we’ve come from and also see where Samsung draws inspiration from." Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung CEO

Syria speeds up chemical weapon handover days ahead of deadline

With its deadline closing in, Syria has significantly sped up the rate at which it's been handing over chemical weapons materials for destruction, having now delivered 86.5 percent of its declared stockpile to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Though Syria's deadline is this Sunday, it's been quickly speeding toward it, bringing the delivery and destruction total...

Twitter rolls out redesigned user profiles to everyone

After several weeks of testing its redesigned profiles, Twitter has today rolled out the new look to all users. You can enable it for your own account right now. The comprehensive overhaul has made Twitter's profiles much more visual and akin to what you'd expect to see on Facebook or Google+. The first thing you'll notice is the large profile photo on each page and the even bigger cover photo above it. Twitter is encouraging its users to customize these with their personal photos, but the company is also offering some default cover images if you can't find a good one of your own.

Gone is...

Samsung hopes to make FaceTime a headache for Apple

After weeks of playing defense against five Apple patents, Samsung this week went after Apple with two of its own patents: one it says is infringed when people make FaceTime calls, and another that covers the photo gallery feature found on iPhones, iPads, and some iPods.

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SyFy capitalizes on the end of days in new 'Dominion' series

The End Times are always in vogue, but, between last year's The World's End and Nicolas Cage's upcoming Left Behind reboot, our collective fascination with the apocalypse seems to be trending upward. SyFy is capitalizing on the frenzy with its latest series Dominion, which pits what remains of humanity against an army of angels.

According to SyFy, the series takes place 25 years in the future, after what's known as "The Extinction War," waged...

It's humans vs. angels after the apocalypse
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Leonardo DiCaprio might play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic

The director and lead actor of the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic are still up in the air, and another pair of big names are now reportedly being eyed for the roles: Leonardo DiCaprio and Slumdog Millionaire-director Danny Boyle. The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony Pictures is now in talks to sign Boyle, who has already approached...

'Slumdog Millionaire' director reportedly in talks to direct
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The first commercial drone test site is now operational

The first of six testing sites for commercial drones is officially operational. Today, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that a site in North Dakota has been certified to begin tests with the Draganflyer X4ES, a roughly 3-foot-wide, 5-pound quadcopter that comes equipped with a...

Apple video narrated by Tim Cook advertises green power, not products

Just ahead of Earth Day, Apple has released a new ad and overhauled a section on its website designed to highlight its environmental initiatives, including the shrinking of its carbon footprint and the reduction of toxins and energy use in its products. The nearly two-minute-long video is narrated by none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook, who explains how the company has been aggressively shifting over to renewable energy. "Now more than ever we will work to leave the world better than we found...

Apple and Google escalate their battle for exclusive mobile games

Both Apple and Google are aggressively pursuing game developers in hopes of locking down exclusivity on upcoming titles, according to The Wall Street Journal. As a reward for their loyalty, publishers like Electronic Arts, Gameloft, and ZeptoLabs are offered prominent placement on the App Store and Google Play for exclusive content. Neither company offers money or direct financial incentives to sway developers, but they don't really need to; a spot on the landing page of either app store can...

Explore the bridge of 'Star Trek: Voyager' through Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has been used to transport people everywhere from Jerry Seinfeld's fictional apartment to another human's body, and over the weekend, one developer began taking gamers someplace even a bit further from reality: to the bridge of Star Trek: Voyager's famous ship. The new virtual reality demo lets you walk around a fairly accurate recreation of the Voyager's bridge and even allows you to stare out into space as you whiz past distant stars. You'll be exploring the ship alone,...

Powdered alcohol may be coming to a liquor store near you

Putting a can of beer in a brown paper bag is about to look like child's play. A new product that's somehow been approved by US regulators makes booze as discreet as a packet of sugar. It's called Palcohol, and it transforms a shot of vodka or rum...

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