Verizon has just announced that the Droid Pro is finally receiving an upgrade to Gingerbread, while Droid 2 Global owners can download a fixed version of the Android 2.3 update that was pulled last month when an Exchange encryption issue was discovered. While we'd hope Motorola and Verizon have ironed out all the kinks by now, there are early reports on the Motorola forums of worse battery life for both devices — your mileage may vary. Both updates include other improvements, such as more calendar options for the Droid Pro and various email and messaging fixes for the Droid 2 Global. Click the source links below for more details, and as usual, you can wait for the update notification or manually check in the System Updates menu. There's no official word about whether these Droid devices will be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich, but keep an eye on our stream to stay updated.