Sony Ericsson is providing another way for cellphone photographers to share their snaps with Vscreens, an Android app that allows you to beam your photos to any device with an internet browser — including your HDTV. You point the browser of the device you want to share to — a computer, internet-enabled television, or even another phone — to the website. The site displays a QR code which you scan with the mobile app, a connection between the two is made, and you're done: photos from your Android phone are shared to the browser page over your local Wi-Fi network. The app, which recently received a 1.5 update with bugfixes and experimental pinch-to-zoom support, isn't limited to Sony Ericsson phones, either: it works on any Android device running 2.1 or later.

While certainly not the most convenient method of big-screen photo sharing that's out there, it's great to see a variety of options for consumers — particularly ones that require nothing more than a Wi-Fi network and a browser. Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the Vscreens pairing process.