Well, that didn't take long at all. Samsung's smartphone-tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note, has already been rooted and given a version of ClockworkMod recovery, a tool that allows users to install ROMs, kernels, and modified basebands. Like most rooting procedures, members of the xda-developers forums are to thank. Root access isn't super useful to mainstream users yet; Android's most popular unofficial ROM, CyanogenMod, is not supported. For geekie users, however, this will come as welcome news.

According to netchip, the developer who provided the CWM recovery file, it wasn't difficult to achieve root access because of the similarities between the Note and the Galaxy S II. There are a few root methods available — one involves flashing CWM recovery to the Note from a PC application called Odin, followed by installation of the Superuser utility via the newly installed recovery. See the video below and the AndroidNZ source link for full instructions, but remember that rooting isn't for the faint of heart and that it'll void your warranty if Samsung finds out.