South Korean, Polish, Swedish, and Hungarian Galaxy S II's have already been updated to Android 4.0, and the unlocked version of the phone has been upgraded in the UK, too. The key word there is "unlocked" — if you've got a UK carrier-locked variant, you might notice your phone is stubbornly stuck in heap of Gingerbread, awaiting carrier approval before getting the update. Thankfully, we've got a few details on when you can expect Ice Cream Sandwich: Three UK has confirmed that its users are receiving the update now (connect to the Kies software to do so), and O2 UK says it'll upgrade the phones in the beginning of April. Orange and Vodafone haven't given an ETA, but they have both confirmed that they're working on it, and T-Mobile UK, meanwhile, hasn't even said that it's making progress on the update. If you can't wait, you can of course (unofficially) load the ROM onto the phone yourself, or you can take a look at our hands-on with the update to see what you're missing.