Vodafone UK announced today that Samsung will make its Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Galaxy S II available via its KIES desktop software tomorrow, with an over the air rollout planned for next Tuesday, April 17th. The carrier announced earlier this week that the update would be released today, but it was later pushed back to its current scheduling. Vodafone said Samsung was to blame for the delay, though no specifics were given. Depending on which carrier you bought your Galaxy S II from in the UK, the update to Google's latest mobile OS has either been relatively painless or an exercise in frustration. O2 and Three UK customers have already received the update, but T-Mobile and Orange users don't even have an estimate of when to expect the upgrade — though CNET reported a few weeks ago that the latter was scheduled for sometime this month. Owners of the unlocked version of the Galaxy S II haven't had much luck, either: we've heard of a few users who received the update, but Samsung says it's still working on it.