We're now well into April 2012, and finally owners of Samsung's Infuse 4G can update their phones to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. It's been a long and sad journey for AT&T's skinny, HSPA+ device. This isn't the first time an official update to Gingerbread has been released to the nearly year-old product: Samsung made a upgrade available in February but then pulled it due to an issue affecting "a small number of users." Now, a couple of months later, AT&T and Samsung have fixed the problem and updated the device to last year's version of Android. Considering how long of a wait it's been, it looks like the Infuse 4G will be resigned to the same fate as the Galaxy S — stuck without Android 4.0 and held back by TouchWiz. If you're looking to update your phone, check the source link for the instructions.