LG has been promising since the beginning that the Prada Phone 3.0 was going to get upgraded to Android 4.0, and now it's finally here — in Germany and Italy at least. A post on LG's Blog confirms that the update is available now for devices without carrier branding. To install the update you'll need to download the LG Mobile Phone Support tool for Windows (OS X users need not apply), plug in the device, and check for updates. The upgrade brings the phone out of Gingerbread land and onto Android 4.0.4, and while we haven't yet gotten a look at how LG has skinned the OS for the Prada 3.0, though we suspect it's much the same interface as before. Other than the numerous goodies offered by Ice Cream Sandwich, LG says that the update also includes QuickMemo, which lets you leave a note by pressing and holding both volume keys. We've reached out to LG to see when we can expect a wider rollout of the update, and we'll keep you posted as we hear more.