Just as it did with AT&T's One X, HTC is pushing out an update for the Sprint Evo 4G LTE that updates its custom Sense software to version 4.1. As Android Central reports, the main user-facing feature is a new setting that allows you to disable the "three-dot bar" for menus and instead map the menu button to a long-press of the multitasking button, saving precious screen real estate. Quick settings should also make an appearance in the notification area, along with the usual bugfixes, an update to Google Wallet, and an update to Visual Voicemail. Unfortunately, this isn't the 4.1 that most people are hoping for right now (that would be Android 4.1, not Sense 4.1), but at least you'll be able to reclaim some pixels while you wait. The OTA update has been rolling out since this morning and should be available now, you can see the very short changelog on Sprint's forums.