A spaceship in Cupertino: Apple's journey to build a new headquarters

Apple is a stupendously wealthy company, and it's in the middle of building a new corporate headquarters befitting of that success. The Norman Foster-designed Campus 2 — commonly referred to as "The Spaceship" due to its distinctive circular design — will add 2,800,000 square feet of office space to the company's Cupertino, California operations, and it will hold more than 12,000 employees. It will also be entirely powered by renewable energy, thanks to one of the largest solar arrays ever designed for a corporate campus. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs oversaw the building's design before his death, but the campus has struggled to get off the ground. It's reportedly $2 billion over budget and it's been delayed by at least a year. It's currently set to be opened in...

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Apple's new spaceship is looking more like a landing site

When it's complete, Apple's Campus 2 will resemble an enormous space disc descended upon the leafy suburbs of Cupertino, but as of today, it's looking more like a dustbowl landing site. Still, just seeing the outline for the futuristic new headquarters is impressive, with the nearby blocks of housing giving a good sense of the grand scale at which Apple's next home is being built. A...

Apple reportedly planning multiple wearables, most expensive model might cost $400

We're little over a week from Apple's biggest press conference of the year, and rumors surrounding the company's widely-expected entry into the wearable market are reaching fever pitch. Unidentified sources now tell Recode that there won't be a single Apple wearable device — or "iWatch" as many observers have decided to call it — but rather multiple models at different price points. According to the report, executives have discussed offering a model for as much as $400 — significantly more than the competition. LG's and Samsung's Android Wear-powered models cost $199.99 and $229 respectively. Samsung's Gear 2 costs $299.99.

It's not clear how many models will be available, but it wouldn't be surprising to see less expensive versions of the device with different screen sizes, or perhaps less-impressive specifications. A Wall Street Journal report from this past June suggested that Apple would be able to hit multiple prices by offering models with different size screens. Today's R...

Apple wearable to cost more than the competition?

iPhone 6 will reportedly feature NFC and Apple's own mobile payments platform

Apple has long resisted adding NFC to the iPhone, but it appears the company will finally be embracing the technology as part of a huge push into mobile payments planned to coincide with the launch of iPhone 6. Wired reports that Apple's next smartphone(s) will feature an all-new mobile payments platform that will compete directly with Google Wallet, the carrier-backed Isis service (which is still due to undergo a rebranding), and other alternatives.

NFC — short for Near Field Communication...

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This iPhone 6 'leak' video is hilarious and perfect

I'll be honest: this video hits kind of close to home. Especially because I saw the headline "Is this the new iPhone 6?" and clicked on it like a maniac, and then I sat for two minutes and twenty seconds (not including the pre-roll ad) and watched...

Apple's iWatch is almost definitely coming on September 9th

Apple's long-awaited wearable device, often referred to as the iWatch, will debut alongside two new iPhones set to be unveiled on September 9th. That's according to a new report from Recode, which also claims that the product will be deeply integrated with Apple's health tracking tools — coming as part of iOS 8 — and even tap into home automation through HomeKit, another new feature of the upcoming software. Rumors have long pointed to Apple's...

Apple's iOS ads are about to take over your whole screen

Apple's assuredly making phones with bigger screen sizes, and ahead of that, its ads are getting bigger too. Today the company announced two new ad formats for developers as part of its iAd platform: full-screen interstitial banner ads, and pre-roll videos. Both are designed to take over the entire screen while using an app, and bring developers higher revenue than they'd get with smaller, less intrusive banner ads.

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