Apple confirms CarPlay is coming to Pioneer aftermarket media systems

You won't have to buy a brand-new vehicle in order to get CarPlay, Apple's upcoming iPhone-powered dashboard for the car. Pioneer announced today that it will be among the first to sell aftermarket media receivers that support CarPlay. That will start with five of its existing units, which will gain support through a firmware update this summer. Those units, all in its 2014 NEX series of...

Samsung exec called iPhone 5 a 'tsunami' that must be 'neutralized'

Apple's iPhone 5 was a "tsunami" that needed to be "neutralized," according to an internal email written by the former chief executive of Samsung's American phone company. In a correspondence from Dale Sohn, who was the president and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America up until August 2013, he suggested the company set up a "counter-plan" to thwart the device, which would go on sale just three months later.

"We have to set up a counter plan." Internal Samsung email

Apple's human interface boss departing company days after key testimony

Longtime Apple employee Greg Christie, who told the origin story of the iPhone in Apple's US court case against Samsung just last week and heads up its Human Interface team, is leaving the company. The news, which was reported earlier by 9to5Mac, has now been confirmed by The Financial Times. According to 9to5Mac, the departure stems from a "falling out" with Apple design chief Jony Ive, though in statement, Apple says the move was part of a planned retirement.

Steve Ballmer made the decision to ship Office for iPad

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave the go-ahead to ship Office for iPad, according to the team behind the app. That dispels earlier rumors that claimed Ballmer was intentionally holding back a touch-friendly version of Office for Apple's...


Inbox hero: inside Mailbox's master plan to make email suck less

“Who in their right mind would build an email client?” Gentry Underwood asked himself nearly two years ago. At the time, it was a fact of life that email sucked. Nobody cared about rethinking email. So he built an email client.

At launch, Mailbox generated so much hype that nearly 1 million people joined a wait list to get access to it. The app promised a simple, lightning-fast experience that made emailing feel like texting. And it...

Here’s how Apple calculated the extra $2.19 billion it wants from Samsung in court

To determine how much individual software features were worth as part of its multi-billion dollar lawsuit, an Apple-paid expert surveyed less than 1,000 consumers about imaginary smartphones and tablets, and included features that weren't even on trial. Another expert then estimated billions in fees for theoretical negotiations that might have occurred between the two companies, as well as how many smartphones and tablets Apple might have sold...

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