Apple reportedly working on 12-inch Retina MacBook and 4K display for release this year

Apple's OS X Yosemite is coming this fall, so it should be no surprise that the company is readying new hardware to go along with it. 9to5Mac reports Apple's current projects include a 12-inch MacBook featuring a pixel-dense Retina display and "a much thinner and slightly lighter aluminum body." The report says it's unclear whether the upcoming laptop will fall under the MacBook Air or MacBook...

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The best calendar app for iPhone

A great calendar app is like a great assistant. It lets you know 30 minutes before important appointments, updates you about events with work friends and college friends, and has directions ready as you walk out the door. I can’t afford an assistant, but luckily calendars apps are a lot more affordable: some of the best options for iPhone can be had for under $9.99. These apps do a lot more than Apple’s stock calendar app, which has only one great feature: that its icon changes to show the date on your home screen. When you look elsewhere, you might find deep integration with Facebook events, one-tap access to conference calls, and even sports schedules you can subscribe to with one tap.

We’ve tested them all to find out which one most successfully tiptoes the line between essential functionality and a massive feature list that will have you scratching your head. Inputting events, fulfilling promises, and not being late to your next date is all up to you. But there are certainly...

What's next?

Mac OS X Yosemite preview

This fall, the 11th consumer version of Mac OS X will be released, for free. OS X 10.10 is better known as Yosemite, and the main thing you need to know about it is that it’s a big visual redesign. All of the features and functionality we’ve come to expect from Macs are still here, but they have...

Why is California putting kill switches in our smartphones?

Federal and state legislators are pushing hard for so-called smartphone kill-switch laws that'll let consumers remotely wipe their devices when they're lost or stolen. It's something the smartphone industry is already implementing on their own. What impact will these laws have? Josh Lowensohn explains.


How Apple and Google plan to reinvent health care

Mike Dittenber had always wanted to go skydiving. There was only one problem: “At my heaviest I clocked in around 330 pounds,” says Dittenber, a technical writer from Michigan. “That’s above the weight restriction for a tandem jump.” During a...

Best New Apps

Best New Apps: Overcast for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you should download Overcast, the new podcast app from Instapaper creator and Tumblr co-founder Marco Arment. Podcast clients are a crowded category, of course, and it's harder than ever to stand out now that Apple offers...


'One more thing': ex-Google exec says his Chinese employer is no Apple ripoff

A man wearing a black top and denim jeans stands on stage promising to unveil "one more thing." As much as that might sound like the familiar finale to an Apple keynote, it's actually Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun building up to the announcement of his company's new Mi Band at an event in Beijing today. The $13 accessory crowned the launch of the Mi 4 Android smartphone, which will retail in China from August for a price of $320.

Apple has ordered more than 70 million new iPhones ahead of launch: WSJ

Apple's reportedly put in its biggest order yet for new iPhones, says The Wall Street Journal. While numerous reports have said production of Apple's next iPhone models is set for August, The Journal now says it's going to the largest ever, with somewhere between 70 to 80 million units. That number will be split up between two models, the report claims — a 4.7-inch model, as well as a 5.5-inch model, both of which would come in well above the...

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