We saw a number of media streamers at CES offering a broader feature set than what the Apple TV officially supports, but the developer community continues to add new bells and whistles to Cupertino's hockey puck. FireCore has announced a 1.2 update to its aftermarket aTV Flash (black) product with a number of bug fixes and refinements, including new video zoom functionality and improved subtitle support. In addition to the web browser and broader video codec selection already included in the product, the new update now allows users to blow up their video files to fill their screen if needed, while a "previously watched" indicator icon in the device's grid view now informs you what media you've already consumed. Thumbnails of recently-viewed pages on the homescreen give you quick access to sites, similar to the way the music and movies sections work, while several tweaks bolster subtitle support.

The full list of changes is available here, or if you'd like to jump right in, the $29.95 software package is available now for any jailbroken second-generation Apple TV. Existing users will receive the upgrade free of charge.