As of today, Tim Cook has been Apple's CEO for ten months. While that's not a terribly long time, the highest-paid CEO in the US has certainly had his opportunities to show how his vision for the company and his day-to-day operations differ from Steve Jobs. Fortune has taken the opportunity to take a closer look at some examples of how Cook has made his own mark on Apple over these ten months. Specifics include his decision to give shareholders a dividend, his visit to Foxconn's iPhone factories in China, and his willingness to settle with Samsung — all of which were major sticking points for Jobs. Other than these specific decisions, however, there's a broader — and arguably more important — change within the company: "Apple has become slightly more open and considerably more corporate," reports Fortune. It's far too soon to make any lasting calls on Cook's impact at Apple, but we've certainly come far enough to get a taste of what's changing.