A Snapchat news network is probably coming in November

Future generations will look at how we get our news today — with our wasteful dead tree "newspapers," and persistent "websites" and "blogs" that you need to scroll to read, and video "broadcasts" that last for several minutes at a time — and they will laugh. That's because the Snapchat news...

Weird new Twitter feature lets you build an Acura right inside a tweet

Twitter has been throwing caution to the wind lately, what with the addition of random tweets to users' timelines"Buy Now" buttons, and a font tweak that set the typographical world ablaze. Now we're seeing an interesting new use of Twitter cards in advertising: Acura has built a rudimentary configurator for its new TLX model right into a tweet, which lets you choose an engine, a drivetrain, and a color before offering the option of sending an image of the kitted-out vehicle to your followers.

Ironically, Acura isn't really known for innovating on design — but it can apparently innovate on social media. The configurator even works on Twitter's mobile apps (though not in embeds, it seems).

But do you want an Acura TLX?


I wrote this post on Tom Hanks' new typewriter app

The first thing you learn upon beginning to type in Tom Hanks' new typewriter app, Hanx Writer, is how reliant you've secretly always been on autocorrect. The second thing is that the sound your iPad is making is going to annoy a lot of people. (Sorry Dieter.)

Tom Hanks is somewhat famous for his love of typewriters. He even wrote about his love in The New York Times. (Wait I'm supposed to italicize that but I can't figure out how in this app.) In an effort to bring his passion into the...

YouTube's redesigned TV app puts focus on channels and playlists

Today YouTube announced it's rolling out a new TV interface that's specifically been "designed for the big screen." The updated app is already available on Xbox One, and should be available for other set-top boxes in the very near future. Based on...


This is how we shop in the future

By Ellis Hamburger and Ben Popper

There’s something special about the mall. The smell. The squeaky-clean floors. The blinding light and ethereal music that seems to emanate from the air itself. The suburban mall has always been an essential...

Twitter says it will improve harassment policies after Zelda Williams quits service

Twitter has long received flack for its weak responses to clear instances of abuse over its network, but now it finally says that it's going to do... something. In a statement provided to The Washington Post with regard to the harassment of Zelda Williams, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety says that the company is currently "evaluating how we can further improve our policies to better handle tragic situations like this one." He says...

Tom Hanks just released a typewriter app for iPad

Tom Hanks has made it well known that he's one of the few remaining typewriter diehards, but today he's taking that passion digital. He's releasing an iPad app called Hanx Writer that recreates the typewriter experience on a tablet: keys clack, the paper moves side-to-side, and new sheets need to be rolled in each time you start a page. "Hanx Writer is just my little gift to the future Luddite hipsters of the world," Hanks tells USA Today....

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