Travel search site Hipmunk has updated its apps for iOS and Android with a clever new feature: calendar integration. On flight searches, the app will now display your appointments at the bottom as well as gray bars in the actual flight results for when you may not be able to catch a plane. On hotel searches, Hipmunk will plot appointment locations on your calendar along with hotel results, making it easier to pick which is most centrally located for your meetings. The company claims it's the first to do either, and suggests that it will make it less likely users will have to flip between multiple apps. That may be true, but in our testing of the Android app, only three of our eight-odd calendars appeared — you also can only see the title and time of your appointments, though that's a minor quibble. Other than that the new version of the app worked as advertised and it was convenient to be able to see immediately if there were scheduling conflicts.

The features from the earlier versions are all still intact, of course, including color-coded hotels and neighborhood information. If you're frequently searching flights from your mobile device, the free download links from Google Play or iTunes are below.