Police say they will charge Andrew Cobham, CEO of RIM Indonesia, with negligence over the mayhem and injury that accompanied the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in Jakarta.

On November 25th, about 200 police responded to the Pacific Place mall in South Jakarta to calm a crowd that had swelled to over 5,000 people, each hoping to purchase the sharply discounted handset on its first day of global sale. The police halted sales after rumors of a handset shortage created a crush of humanity that injured nearly one hundred people. Police said it will likely charge three others, including a security consultant hired by RIM, the event's organizer, and a manager from the shopping center.

Police investigator Budi Irawan said of the RIM CEO, "The suspect has been banned from traveling overseas. He must go through the legal process here." On the bright side, that's one less RIM executive in the air who might be tempted to swill alcohol and disrupt air travel for his fellow passengers.