RIM seems to be having some trouble wooing developers to its side lately — look no further than its recent free PlayBook promotion for evidence of that — but you know things are really bad when an established company with an already-built app decides it's better to pull away its resources than continue support. Unfortunately for RIM, that's precisely what's happening: the popular travel comparison site Kayak has announced that its BlackBerry app is now flying solo, doomed to never be updated again. In a heartfelt goodbye, the company says that when the team started in 2004 they all used BlackBerrys, but now they (and their users) have moved on, so the "practical decision" had to be made. Of course, the mobile website will continue to exist, and maybe there's a chance QNX-based BlackBerry 10 will sway these guys back down the road — but it's clear that support for RIM's outgoing OS is dead and gone.