The inventor of everything

It’s a sunny morning in Camarillo, California, and the fields along Pleasant Valley road are full of berry pickers in colored sweatshirts moving swiftly to gather ripe fruit. I take a left turn down Calle San Pablo into an unassuming industrial park, the research and development center for Cool...

Sean Parker reportedly launching startup to encourage political engagement

Napster co-founder and early Facebook president Sean Parker is stepping in as CEO of Brigade Media, a new startup that wants to get Americans more involved with politics, reports Politico. Parker has invested over $9 million in Brigade, which has reportedly received investments of unknown sizes from two other big Silicon Valley investors as well. The startup will apparently focus on increasing...

Facebook reportedly planning money storage and transfer services

Facebook is reportedly planning to take a step into financial services, allowing users in select regions to store money online to use for making payments and transferring funds to others. According to the Financial Times, Facebook could obtain regulatory approval in Ireland to begin offering these services as an "e-money" institution within a matter of weeks. This approval would apparently allow it to operate throughout Europe.

A way into developing financial markets

Wordpress owner Automattic buys Longreads

Automattic, the company behind publishing platform Wordpress.com, has acquired the curation service Longreads for an undisclosed price, the companies announced today. Longreads serves up one magazine-length recommended story per day through its website, Twitter feed, email newsletter subscription, or iPad app. Started in 2009 by Mark Armstrong, the bootstrapped company has four employees and survives off of its meager subscription fees and occasional sponsorship deals.

The Longreads staff...

Comcast named America's worst company in annual Consumerist poll

Comcast has been named the worst company in America. The largest US cable provider "won" Consumerist's annual poll on the very same day it tried to convince the FCC that a proposed Time Warner Cable acquisition is in everyone's best interest. It's the second time Comcast has been awarded the unwanted label by Consumerist voters. Video game publisher Electronic Arts earned the "worst company" designation in 2012 and 2013 but lost out early this...

Google uses death of Windows XP to push Chromebooks on businesses

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP today, and Google is using the opportunity to promote Chrome OS as a replacement. It's beginning to offer a number of discounts on its Chromebooks for Business program that will run through the end of June, with hopes that businesses finally being forced to switch away from the classic operating system will look to Chromebooks instead of new PCs to replace it. It's a small gesture by Google — just a...

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