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Hackers demand Sony remove all signs The Interview existed or more data will be released

Jacob Kastrenakes December 19, 2014 10:46 am12.19.2014 292

The hackers who attacked Sony Pictures are making more demands of the studio following their success in scrapping the release of The Interviewaccording to CNN. CNN reports that top Sony executives...

"We will ensure the security of your data unless you make additional trouble." Sony hackers

Comcast will now call customers who need help instead of putting them on hold

Chris Welch December 18, 2014 04:35 pm12.18.2014 10

Comcast couldn't get away from its embarrassing and nightmarish customer service call earlier this year. And after promising to do better and "always treat customers with the utmost respect," the company...

A small step in the right direction

Instagram is now valued at $35 billion

Jacob Kastrenakes December 19, 2014 09:40 am12.19.2014 29

For Facebook, buying Instagram was a steal. In a note this morning, Citigroup says that it has reexamined its valuation of Instagram and now believes that it is worth $35 billion. Citi had previously...

It was purchased for $1 billion back in 2012

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Apple supplier accused of violating worker protections

Jacob Kastrenakes December 18, 2014 04:16 pm12.18.2014 82

One of the main factories building Apple products is accused of violating numerous worker protection standards in a new report from the BBC, which sent several undercover reporters to work at the plant....

"We know our work is never done." Apple

The Big Future: How will drones change the skies?

Ben Popper December 18, 2014 09:00 am12.18.2014 26

The sky may look very different in a few decades. This week’s Big Future takes a look at how the world will change as drone technology spreads, filling the world’s rooftops and skies. Tech giants like...

The sky may look very different in a few decades

Sony cancels The Interview release after theaters pull out

Jacob Kastrenakes December 17, 2014 04:57 pm12.17.2014 185

Sony is canceling The Interview's planned theatrical release in response to all major US theater chains deciding not to show the film after attacks were threatened. "In light of the decision by the...

Film would have been out Christmas day

MoviePass lands deal with AMC theaters for subscription movie service

Chris Welch December 17, 2014 04:13 pm12.17.2014 38

MoviePass has finally signed on a big partner for its unique subscription service, which lets moviegoers see one film every day for a flat monthly total. AMC, the second-largest movie theater chain in...

Can a subscription model work for theaters?

The not-so-glamorous life of a robot operator

read the feature

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel on being hacked: 'It's not okay that people steal our secrets'

Casey Newton December 17, 2014 03:31 pm12.17.2014 41

One of the least expected companies to take collateral damage in the epic Sony Pictures hack has been Snapchat. CEO Evan Spiegel regularly trades emails with Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, who sits on...

"We're going to change the world because this is not the one we want to live in." Evan Spiegel

Uber will use biometric scans to improve background checks on drivers

Casey Newton December 17, 2014 02:42 pm12.17.2014 4

In the wake of high-profile incidents in which passengers were allegedly assaulted by their drivers, Uber said today it would improve background checks using methods including biometric scans. "We are...

"Best-in-class safety must be a constant quest." Uber

The Sony hackers won: The Interview just disappeared from America's biggest theater chains

Jacob Kastrenakes December 17, 2014 02:40 pm12.17.2014 213

The biggest movie theater chains in the United States have cancelled all current plans to show The Interview following threats to attack screenings of the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The...

Chains asked for the release to be delayed

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti: 'It's not just a site, it's a whole process'

Nilay Patel December 17, 2014 01:35 pm12.17.2014 25
BuzzFeed announced today that it’s acquiring the talent team behind mobile app developer Hyper IQ, a significant investment in building native apps for a publisher that’s traditionally been web- and...
"Three years ago we were a cat site"

BuzzFeed has big plans for its mobile app

Jacob Kastrenakes December 17, 2014 01:34 pm12.17.2014 7

BuzzFeed has big plans to build out its mobile app. The site has acquired the team behind Hyper IQ, a developer that's already been working on BuzzFeed's iOS app. The plan is to have Hyper IQ's...

"People don't realize yet how much Buzzfeed is doing." Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed CEO
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