Airware raises $25 million to build the operating system for drones

Lots of different industries are interested in the potential for drones to improve their businesses, from agriculture to mining to merchants like Amazon. There is a wide range of powerful units that can be bought off the shelf. The challenge for most companies is creating the software, sensor packages, and safeguards they need to make drones a practical reality for their day-to-day work. A...


Apple posts $7.7 billion in profit, but all eyes look to new products in the fall

In what can only be described as the typical lull for Apple ahead of new fall product launches, the company's reported earnings that beat its own expectations, but fell just shy of Wall Street's. Helping once again though was the 10-month-old iPhone, which accounted for more than half of Apple's sales.

Apple just reported earnings of $1.28 per share, on revenue of $37.4 billion. Wall Street was expecting the company to announce earnings of $1.23 a share, on $37.99 billion in revenue, according to a poll of estimates compiled by Yahoo. The results come on the short side of what Wall Street was expecting in terms of revenue, but are right in the middle of Apple's own forecast, which was between $36 and $38 billion. If those earnings per share numbers seem a lot smaller, it's because of a seven-for-one stock split that went into effect last month. By comparison, Apple pulled in earnings of $7.47 per share, on $35.3 billion during the same quarter last year, or $1.07 per share when...

A quarter without major new products

Modern furniture makers collide as Herman Miller buys Design Within Reach

Office furniture giant Herman Miller is acquiring the modern design retailer Design Within Reach. The pairing puts together two of the bigger names in modern-styled furniture: Herman Miller, which dates back to 1905, and Design Within Reach, which was founded just a decade and a half ago, in 1998. While Herman Miller is known in particular for its office chairs, Design Within Reach's fame doesn't come from any one category in particular. Instead, it sells a wide variety of home furnishings,...

Apple's longest-serving board member steps down

Apple will report its quarterly earnings on July 22nd, but the company just announced a bit of a board shake-up ahead of that — Bill Campbell, the company's longest-tenured board member, is retiring after 17 years of service. He'll be replaced by Sue L. Wagner, a co-founder and director at investment management firm BlackRock. "Sue is a pioneer in the financial industry and we are excited to welcome her to Apple's board of directors," said CEO...

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