Yesterday, we profiled the latest eCoupled wireless power innovations that Fulton's bringing to CES, and today we got to take a look at them close up. Just as we heard, there was an issue of Entertainment Weekly on display with a light-up Harry Potter cover, as well as a box for Verizon's Droid Incredible that lit up an image of the device and its name in turn. The magazine cover itself felt unusually stiff and not at all like a typical cover, but that's to be expected considering it was wired to light up. While unusual, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing (though you definitely couldn't fold it back, if that's your preferred reading style). Fulton also showed off its new wireless charging pads that don't require the device to be in direct contact — while technically true, the distance you could move the device away from the charger vertically was probably less than half an inch. Still, this was enough to charge a Droid Charge through a purse, just as we saw in Fulton's video.

The Wireless Power Consortium had a booth right next to Fulton and showed off a combination of currently shipping products (like standard phone charging pads) and future innovations. One of the most interesting was a Japanese phone with a Sanyo battery that charges through the Qi wireless power standard; if wireless power for phones is going to take off, this will likely be a major factor. There was also a car dash on display wired for phone charging — much more convenient than searching for a mini-USB cable while driving. The WPC also showed off a battery-powered wireless charging box. Provided the box had been charged ahead of time, it could wirelessly charge a device through direct contact through a stored charge. Both Fulton and the WPC have booths on display at CES, so we'll be looking for more advances worth noting we haven't seen yet.