Listen to 'Space Project' make music from Voyager spacecraft recordings

Portland-based Lefse Records has released Space Project, a compilation of songs that use recordings from the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes. The album, which entered stores on April 19th, features tracks from 14 different artists including Porcelain Raft, The Antlers, Youth Lagoon, Blues Control and British space rock band Spiritualized.

The recordings from the space probes are actually of electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of various celestial bodies, according to Lefse Records. The astronomical objects featured in the album are differentiated by their elemental composition, mass and size, thereby producing the unique sounds used in the tracks. All seven pairs of songs, each tied to a different heavenly body, show a remarkable sense of individuality and skill by the artist at mixing the interstellar audio with terrestrial music. Space Project can be streamed from NPR Music.

Music of the spheres

Explore the bridge of 'Star Trek: Voyager' through Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has been used to transport people everywhere from Jerry Seinfeld's fictional apartment to another human's body, and over the weekend, one developer began taking gamers someplace even a bit further from reality: to the bridge of Star Trek: Voyager's famous ship. The new virtual reality demo lets you walk around a fairly accurate recreation of the Voyager's bridge and even allows you to stare out into space as you whiz past distant stars. You'll be exploring the ship alone,...

Joss Whedon releases new movie as $5 rental on Vimeo

Joss Whedon is currently working on the next Avengers movie, but being entrusted with one of Hollywood's biggest franchises hasn't stopped the creator of TV shows Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer from experimenting with smaller films and new distribution models. His latest project, In Your Eyes — for which he provided the script and acted as executive producer — is now available for 72-hour rental on streaming site Vimeo for $5. See a...

Quentin Tarantino is modifying script for 'The Hateful Eight' after leak

It looks like Quentin Tarantino's next film will be The Hateful Eight after all. Last night the writer-director staged a star-studded reading of the leaked script in Los Angeles, and he told the crowd of 1,200: "I’m working on a second draft and I will do a third draft."

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