Facebook's new stats: 1.32 billion users, 30 percent only use it on their phone

Facebook announced its second quarter 2014 earnings today, and one fact is becoming more and more obvious. Facebook is a mobile company now. It makes 62 percent of its advertising revenue on mobile, a dramatic change for a company that had no mobile ads as recently as two years ago. And of the 1.32 billion people who use Facebook each month, 399 million, roughly a third, only log in with their...

SDCC 2014

The Verge is live at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

It's finally here. Every year, some of the biggest names in Hollywood and geek culture converge on downtown San Diego to kick off Comic-Con International, the nexus for all things entertainment. The Verge is here to bring you all of it, from the major panel reveals in Hall H, the surprise appearances on the convention floor, and all the craziness that fans are sure to bring with them.

You might be here for The Avengers. Maybe you're dying to hear news about Jurassic World. Or maybe you just want to see what's next for Dan Harmon and the cast of CommunityIt doesn't matter; we're covering it all. So keep it locked through the rest of the week. There's going to be a lot of news from the ground, breaking stories, and plenty of cultural commentary on one of the biggest shows in the business. It's gonna be bigger than ever, and we can't wait.

Are you ready?

The 8 best Weird Al parody videos

Weird Al has just released eight new music videos off his latest album, Mandatory Fun. In honor of the musician's 30-plus year career, here are eight of his best and most faithful parodies — side-by-side with the original material that he lampooned. "Smells Like Nirvana," indeed.

SDCC 2014

The 31 biggest things to look for at Comic-Con 2014

In just a matter of hours, 150,000 rabid comics fans of all stripes will descend on San Diego for Comic-Con 2014. It’s the mecca of all things nerdy for the summer, where some of the biggest names in geek culture and entertainment come to show off what’s to come for the next few years. This year’s event is a bit different, though: with movies like the new Star Wars and Avengers coming out, 2015 and 2016 already promise to be the biggest years in film history, and Comic-Con could very well be...

Watch This

The UK is about to unleash a 'fart machine' on France

A British inventor is preparing to let rip the loudest fart that France has ever heard. In order to accomplish this mission, Colin Furze put together a valveless pulse jet, a propulsion device sometimes used by hobbyists to power model aircraft and other remote-controlled vehicles. Next, he's building a gigantic pair of human buttocks to house his machine. Furze intends to have his absurd contraption prepared by July 24th, which is when he...

HBO's 'Westworld' TV pilot will star Anthony Hopkins and lethal androids

HBO has greenlit a pilot for a TV show based on 1973 sci-fi movie Westworld, about lifelike robots breaking their programming to murder guests in a luxury theme park. Deadline reports the production will keep the setting of the original movie, and will star Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood in "a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin."

Westworld was set in a Delos, a theme park made up of three...

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