Lady Gaga's Twitter and Facebook accounts were compromised yesterday, when some savvy scammers managed to post messages, seemingly from the singer herself, advertising a giveaway of free iPads to fans who clicked on a particular link. The "special Lady Gaga edition iPad" was, in fact, a ruse to trick people into punching in their details on the linked Blogspot-hosted page. According to the Sophos Naked Security blog, similar hijacks have also been reported on the Maroon 5 and Blink 182 Facebook pages.

The hacked missives on miss Gaga's pages have since been deleted and the security hole has apparently been patched over, but the fact remains that you should always be wary when following links to places that ask you to put in your personal information. And anyway, Lady Gaga is a Beats sponsor, if she was going to give anything away, it'd have that big B festooned all over it.