The muscle that controls the blinking of your eye is the fastest in the body, but Michal Kohút has managed to match its speed with his 0,1 art installation. Consisting of a pair of glasses equipped with a sensor, the lights in the room shut off and on every time the wearer blinks. Kohút claims that it happens so fast that the person wearing the glasses doesn't even notice.

Since the average blink happens in just a few hundred milliseconds, creating a device that can quickly read and interpret an eye wasn't an easy task. Michal Matouš, who helped build the glasses, told FastCoDesign that he actually had to pester a technical university in order to get help with the project. The result was a sensor that reads the reflection of the eye and quickly reacts whenever there is a rapid change. The actual meaning of the installation will remain in the mind of the artist, but feel free to take a look at the following video to witness 0,1 in action.