Amazon opens a 'Create Your Own' 3D-printing store

Not to be outdone by eBay, Amazon today opens the doors to a new 3D Printing Store that allows the customization of "more than 200 unique print on-demand products." Personalized dog tags, credit card holders, iPhone cases, and even custom bobbleheads are among the first selection of items that...

“The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing." Clément Moreau, Sculpteo CEO

These beautiful worlds are trapped in tiny bottles

Some people build ships in bottles. Rafael Varona builds worlds.

The Berlin-based artist and animator recently launched a new series of animated GIFs called "Impossible Bottles," that imagine beautiful, wondrous worlds stuffed inside miniature glass bottles. Right now the ongoing series includes a dense, colorful jungle and a dark, foreboding lake. He's also created a few smaller pieces that...

Indianapolis parking lot transformed into giant dynamic artwork

Parking lots are rarely beautiful, but Rob Ley shows us that they can be. Spanning 12,500 square feet, his massive May - September installation transforms the front of the parking structure at Eskenazi Hospital, Indianapolis into perpetually changing artwork. It is comprised of 7,000 metallic panels, each of which is painted two colors: blue and yellow. Ley made sure to steer away from geometric patterns, choosing instead to draw inspiration from gentler shapes of nature.

The result is a dynamic, striking facade that changes depending on the time of day and a viewer's geographical position. Pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles see a "noticeable, dappled shift" while speeding motorists are treated to a quicker change in gradients. The founder of design studio Urbana, Ley built the installation with the assistance of Indianapolis Fabrications.

Park your eyes

This CG cityscape almost looks like a photo

Sometimes computer-generated scenes can look so real that it's hard to believe a computer played any role in creating them. Gilvan Isbiro regularly manages to reach that level of photorealism with his work, and Davis Street ranks as one of his best. With a quick glance, most people might assume the above image is just your average tourist photo of San Francisco. But in reality, it took a week's worth of careful design work and rendering to arrive at the final shot. Only when you zoom in close...

Quick read

Secret's origin story is no longer a secret

According to a new story in FastCompany, Secret began as a Snapchat competitor called Whispr. Then, founders Chrys Bader and David Byttow realized that ephemerality didn't make sense for an app about confessions. What about when you want to read...

Artist Cory Arcangel tracks the Twitter confessions of aspiring novelists

For some, Twitter is both a distraction and a medium for a peculiar type of written soliloquy. It's the confluence of those two streams that makes artist Cory Arcangel's new book, Working on my Novel, particularly poignant. Arcangel is well known for using appropriation in his work, and the book doesn't break from that tradition. The slim paperback is a hand-curated selection of tweets that include the phrase "working on my novel."

Modern furniture makers collide as Herman Miller buys Design Within Reach

Office furniture giant Herman Miller is acquiring the modern design retailer Design Within Reach. The pairing puts together two of the bigger names in modern-styled furniture: Herman Miller, which dates back to 1905, and Design Within Reach, which was founded just a decade and a half ago, in 1998. While Herman Miller is known in particular for its office chairs, Design Within Reach's fame doesn't come from any one category in particular....

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