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Share your personal tech setup! just now Apple Core Grant Davis McVillain 33
WP8.1 - LET'S LIST little features and findings! just now Microsoft Tribe Taube DonDiddit 182
Best Cloud Storage for Photos? 3 minutes ago The Lens DocNarwhal MKEH 13
Google Keyboard vs. Swype just now Googleplex Jamie Scott Chiewable 4
I think I want an iPhone 6, but my 'Nexonaxy' envy is stronger... just now Apple Core Alipeb McVillain 25
Alarm wont work with Cortana (please help) 9 minutes ago Microsoft Tribe usman54 dogged 10
Messenger functionality removed from Messaging Hub? 9 minutes ago Microsoft Tribe btbam91 miserabilism 6
Who of you does not use Flash? 11 minutes ago Apple Core macboer glowingpear 6
Is the Galaxy S5 the worst flagship of every major OEM post... 13 minutes ago Googleplex MacAir srz1977 89
WP8.1 Annoying Changes 18 minutes ago Microsoft Tribe Pete2 Hugo Bavaris 50
How would you rank the current Android flagships? 20 minutes ago Googleplex Vulk kovzy 36
Why isn't the megapixel war over? 20 minutes ago Mobile TristanSchaaf SeeNoWeevil 16
What the hell happened to the Pictures Hub... 32 minutes ago Microsoft Tribe technofou miserabilism 12
I'll (almost) instantly switch to WP if this happens about 1 hour ago Microsoft Tribe William'sShakespeer PPartisan 9
when will lumia 525 successor come? about 1 hour ago Microsoft Tribe suraj.air weetigo 2
My 2010 MacBook Air is as good as the day I got it - How does Apple... about 1 hour ago Apple Core DrJimmyRustle44 dissss 46
RIP AMD about 1 hour ago Gaming Sabinno dev.null 14
Why is Facebook buying Oculus bad? about 1 hour ago Gaming HopelessWizzard Araisikewai 29
Nokia just can't get it right. about 1 hour ago Microsoft Tribe jrtorrents thogil 99
Post your Windows Phone 8.1 start screen configuratons. about 1 hour ago Microsoft Tribe LukaszWizla DonDiddit 82
New XBox-Music app - I HATE IT!!! about 2 hours ago Microsoft Tribe DonDiddit DonDiddit 67
Yes, Apple did get Touch ID right the first time about 2 hours ago Apple Core Leroysboy Sam Byford 52
got a Nokia X about 2 hours ago Mobile Captain Apollo havy 5
Guide: How to turn any image into a nice background for WP8.1 about 2 hours ago Microsoft Tribe Taube Taube 4
How Apple gets to 4.7" - A theory about 2 hours ago Apple Core Pi is exactly 3 TomGarrott 18
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