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Simple app suggestions for recording and dividing payments? 3 months ago Apple Core matt.ledger matt.ledger 2
FCC to limit Verizon and AT&T participation in upcoming low-band... 3 months ago Mobile doughybowie 0
Microsoft hates XP right now 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe kostas6690 cmasontaylor 18
Help with a broken Lumia 920 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe 21empark hanovershatchet 8
How does the M7 processor track steps? 3 months ago Apple Core Ammar.M lane3128 7
Ancillary Justice, Part II: Discuss 3 months ago Book Club Adi Robertson Dthawks27 4
How does the iPhone get away with such a ridiculous bezel? 3 months ago Apple Core Gambler_3 Wetware. 59
Stop Auto-Play 3 months ago Meta AndrewGene brandon.dean 11
project my screen (use your Windows Phone 8.1 from your desktop) 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe hanovershatchet 0
This Exoplanet has an Africa-like land and with LIGHTS! 3 months ago Off-topic / chit-chat silent-death13 MrMessy 5
Please add competitive camera to Surface Pro 3 Microsoft!! 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe hemi79 Chefgon 40
Chat Log with Microsoft Xbox One Support 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe JeffWScott rattletop 16
Half Case for Sony NEX 5T 3 months ago The Lens bryangregus NBM TX 1
Project Ara: Why I think this is awesome, and more 3 months ago Googleplex silent-death13 ant1pathy 128
Ubuntu on X1 Carbon 3 months ago Linux / Open Source Captain Apollo Captain Apollo 5
Using an iPhone from Japan in Australia 3 months ago Apple Core Jack Fetter iHateLaggyStuff 3
Anyone else feeling slightly motion-sick from the new animations? 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe alpash1 The Masterpiece 5
Superzoom on HTC One? 3 months ago Googleplex Pokestory1 Ahmed Haji 3
UserVoice: Transparent tiles 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe dave85 miserabilism 16
Android: Updated stock camera app! 3 months ago Googleplex VoxMediaUser706295 JorisGriffioen 37
How to project my screen? 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe erfan erfan 2
Are 5" phones here to stay? 3 months ago Mobile Fleve_mobs meelahi 4
How would you rank the current Android flagships? 3 months ago Googleplex Vulk The_Cosmicist 69
Game of Phones: A new type of card game... with a digital twist. 3 months ago Off-topic / chit-chat Francisco.G Francisco.G 7
The Verge pimping OneDrive and Surface 3 months ago Microsoft Tribe GITMLB meelahi 11
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