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Best tablet + keyboard for Writing essays/articles 6 days ago Tablet Talk Crazysah jmlares 19
Could anyone recommend a monitor? 6 days ago PCs JamesMarsh markiz von schnitzel 16
Belfiore (leader of WP dev team) answers questions on WP8.1 6 days ago Microsoft Tribe Taube ceradon 9
Significant redesign coming to Mac OS 10.10? 6 days ago Apple Core rogifan Default User 75
Twitter design lead makes the case for designing for Android. 6 days ago Googleplex Droided Drew. 16
Interactive Live Title Coming To Windows (Video Demo)? 6 days ago Microsoft Tribe ameluso mdtauk 31
Surface 2 or iPad air 6 days ago PCs Jon Arild Aanestad Captain Apollo 7
It's official: Joe Belfiore says we'll get WP8.1 preview... 6 days ago Microsoft Tribe Taube smoketree 23
Once upon a time, reviews covered RF sensitivity, any websites still... 6 days ago Googleplex UrinalMint AaronDeVante 1
Apple 2-step Verification: Major Flaw 6 days ago Apple Core DocNarwhal andrea81 8
16GB Windows devices have 12GB free with WIMBoot 6 days ago Microsoft Tribe Firefly7475 brrunoPT 13
Yet another smartwatch concept 6 days ago Mobile RVanhauwere PPartisan 5
Windows Phone, more tempting than ever... Lumia 1820 6 days ago Microsoft Tribe Runner50783 GrzegorzWidla 20
What's on your Mac? Your top Mac Apps! 6 days ago Apple Core JayCee842 danielfoe_ 19
Battery life on iPhone 5 6 days ago Apple Core ianrlarson danielfoe_ 7
Weekly Critique Thread: April 7 - 11 - Closed 6 days ago The Lens selfprofessedgeek photographerwannabe 193
Fuji X-T1 or Olympus E-M1? 7 days ago The Lens mesmerized Fri13 14
Moto X users: How are you doing? 7 days ago Googleplex John Christensen Wayfaerer 23
Motherboard for AMD FX-8350 7 days ago PCs Nickkkkk dabug91 4
Talking Angela Deleted -worldwide- 7 days ago Hacks / DIY GamerGirl1 dabug91 4
Is Reading List coming to Windows Phone 8.1? 7 days ago Microsoft Tribe pallentx EdlAk 37
XP, FUD, Doom and Gloom 7 days ago Microsoft Tribe DrDoppio Entegy 128
Office 2013 icons not displaying properly 7 days ago Microsoft Tribe conunmdrum k! 4
The Giver: The Movie, NOT 7 days ago Betamaxed YozMan DrDoppio 3
Can it be easier to get to your Public Profile on mobile website? 7 days ago Meta xPutNameHerex DrDoppio 4
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