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GooglePlex, What do you think of WP8.1? 11 days ago Googleplex AaronDeVante AaronDeVante 94
iPhone 5S vs. HTC One M8 camera 11 days ago Apple Core Ammar.M dmgabe 35
The Verge Daily Off-Topic: Android TV and more! (Mon April 7) 11 days ago Off-topic / chit-chat thervp ollyboon 13
Interesting Cortana hands-on video 11 days ago Microsoft Tribe Taube miserabilism 19
How will Apple fix the remote? 11 days ago Apple Core lane3128 getnate 31
The Vergecast needs to take a step backward, not forward 11 days ago Meta Skreddle Fighter-of-the-Nightman 9
GoogleGoogleGoogle 11 days ago Microsoft Tribe onwu GrzegorzWidla 14
Samsung/Google popular blog media blackout over sd card support... 11 days ago Googleplex Alteran llamas612 107
Titanfall is ACTUALLY good! What do you think? 11 days ago Gaming andezzat rattletop 37
Hands up if your comment has been nuked. 11 days ago Meta swimtwobirds Shaun McIlroy 18
Cortana Decrypted 11 days ago Microsoft Tribe Novi_Homines huminger 40
Office for iPad hit 12,000,000 downloads yesterday 11 days ago Microsoft Tribe challengeaccepted TheStrange 109
Lumia 925 case 11 days ago Microsoft Tribe philipp.streng.9 uditrana 3
Android TV has to be about the games 11 days ago Googleplex Ollieollieollie ddpacino 4
Instagram, why would this be so hard to do? (tablet... 11 days ago Googleplex dmark ddpacino 8
Very interesting anandtech article on the A7 soc 11 days ago Apple Core doobee Cloudgazer 98
What are the most underrated features of Android in your... 12 days ago Googleplex Sanjaychandra tomstorm 27
Former Microsoft contractor charged with felony voyeurism 12 days ago Microsoft Tribe Metal Gear Shaun McIlroy 13
Samsung Galaxy S5 or Iphone 6 ? 12 days ago Off-topic / chit-chat tanya.jain MrMessy 1
Don't blame video games for violence in real life 12 days ago Gaming sorsha666 mrjapanman 14
Would you buy a Netflix streaming-box ? 12 days ago Betamaxed arturojain DrDoppio 4
Anonymous MS employee talks about future OS releases and... 12 days ago Microsoft Tribe Taube GITMLB 24
Point of grain? 12 days ago The Lens TheRealTomskee petrol 36
WP8.1 preview release date still a mystery, but may be sooner... 12 days ago Microsoft Tribe Taube Taube 5
MOGA controller - Does it work well on Mac/other devices too? 12 days ago Googleplex tomstorm tomstorm 1
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