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HTC camera modules to possibly include true Optical Zoom 2 days ago Googleplex silent-death13 H.A.L. 9000 24
Do you think we'll get to a real Titanfall situation in... 2 days ago Science microsoftmissionary downpour046 7
What to-do-list apps do you use on WP? 2 days ago Microsoft Tribe Taube HelloLudger 15
My 2010 MacBook Air is as good as the day I got it - How does Apple... 3 days ago Apple Core DrJimmyRustle44 JerenYun 76
Bring back the Verge Mobile Show 3 days ago Meta Hunter Moliver Shaun McIlroy 1
Bring back 90 Seconds on the Verge 3 days ago Meta frescodk Hunter Moliver 12
Android work more quickly/efficiently than iOS 7 according to The... 3 days ago Apple Core Leroysboy jlabelle 195
Any topics you'd like to see covered on 3 days ago Meta Sammael Modred189 6
The Vergecast needs to take a step backward, not forward 3 days ago Meta Skreddle MrBurrrns 21
I think I want an iPhone 6, but my 'Nexonaxy' envy is stronger... 3 days ago Apple Core Alipeb JayCee842 37
Would you buy an iPhone if its price is increased by $100? 3 days ago Apple Core JayCee842 kaplag 70
Regarding Windows 8(.1)/Windows Phone 8(.1) lock screen apps 3 days ago Microsoft Tribe Fillduck StevieBallz 2
Future of HTC 3 days ago Mobile ShaneBlum eddo85 9
Advice on a new laptop 3 days ago Microsoft Tribe MightyPantsx silent-death13 34
Why can't Microsoft just fix its font rendering algorithm? 3 days ago Microsoft Tribe tzhu07 thogil 42
Can I get a straight talk sim card not online ? 3 days ago Mobile Arese nehasharmajaipur 4
Good Android backup app? 3 days ago Googleplex chrismarle stfamanda 6
The Verge Daily Off-Topic: 'Innovation.' You keep using that word...... 3 days ago Off-topic / chit-chat thervp MrMessy 12
Share your personal tech setup! 3 days ago Apple Core Grant Davis Cube. 80
Why not Office 13 Metro ? 3 days ago Microsoft Tribe yasHwanth Mopuri thempus 20
Post your Windows Phone 8.1 start screen configuratons. 3 days ago Microsoft Tribe LukaszWizla Ariez 145
One thing Ara will prevent for sure 3 days ago Googleplex silent-death13 silent-death13 61
How to best keep dust out of my system? 3 days ago PCs CGcalvin tim_crook 8
Telegram Messenger added over 4.95 million users! 3 days ago Web & Social gnntt curtistony022 8
What is Your Favorite Music Streaming Service? 3 days ago Apps & Software xVxMatthewxVx .psd 26
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