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Moto G2 or Moto G? 1 day ago Mobile Mehedi Hassan Dip iver23 5
Chum for Fish off a Shrimp Boat 2 days ago Off-topic / chit-chat nbogan1 0
with windows phone 8.1, is Microsoft wining or still need to... 1 day ago Microsoft Tribe Tswag Tswag 32
Smart HR monitor and WP 8.1 1 day ago Microsoft Tribe markusli markusli 2
Animated lockscreen designs coming very soon! :) about 24 hours ago Microsoft Tribe Taube Taube 18
Best laptop for 300$ 1 day ago PCs thefuckingcoolninja thefuckingcoolninja 15
'iTime' 1 day ago Apple Core iamtomwatson Mark C. Smith 15
Proof that the next iPad will have Touch ID. 1 day ago Apple Core A_Verge_Reader ant1pathy 7
Is Google Play Music for iPhone Any Good? about 5 hours ago Apple Core Sabinno Firefly7475 39
Audio nerds, look this way! (iPad app) 2 days ago Apple Core blinddance blinddance 2
Kinda disturbing that the autoplaying video ads w/sound aren't vetted... 2 days ago Meta YoMtvRaps Cory Williams 1
Mario Kart 8 - Free game question 2 days ago Gaming Ricky Romero Ricky Romero 2
Apple launch new MacBook Air Ad 35 minutes ago Apple Core d0mth0ma5 Disgruntled User 34
Moto X+1 Needs Better Glass about 5 hours ago Googleplex SpiderMonkey50 Cloudgazer 29
Buying Advice 1 day ago Apple Core duebex ImRud 14
The Problem with Windows 8/9 1 day ago Microsoft Tribe rickrizzo wootbetogod 20
17" Laptop bag 3 days ago PCs Zach Regas 0
Google Uploads Android Wear Source Code To AOSP, Includes... about 7 hours ago Googleplex Antonis427 Antonis427 32
Android users, do you use Evernote? How do you use it... about 20 hours ago Googleplex totheverge vicentedepierola 15
Has anyone done the $30 T Mobile plan? 1 day ago Mobile Statz MuerteMan 13
Do you like the new iOS8 control center? about 1 hour ago Apple Core Enxtx Mohammad Aliff 51
Which camera is best? about 19 hours ago The Lens Cult of Cedar Ian Battaglia 11
Solution for Home Network, Server, NAS, Media Center & Co. about 3 hours ago Betamaxed hisnameisdome hisnameisdome 6
What's your pick for the best budget Windows Phone device ? 2 days ago Microsoft Tribe kisaac94 jlnprssnr 18
Video ads? 3 days ago Meta FalseAgent Chao Li 1
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